Prince Edward Island Lottery vs Online Sports Betting

Canada’s smallest province in terms of geography and population consists of the one island of the same name as well as several much smaller ones. A picturesque province, PEI has earned nicknames like the “Garden of the Gulf” for its pastoral scenery and lush agricultural lands across the province. It is also the “Cradle of Confederation” referring to the Charlottetown Conference in 1864 (although the province did not join Confederation until 1873).

Prince Edward Island Online Sports Betting

Despite the lack of any major sports teams or sporting events, the denizens of the province are avid gamblers. We take a look at the sports lottery scene. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) controls the gambling activities in PEI like in all the Atlantic provinces under its umbrella. The Pro-Line Stadium, the ALC’s main betting platform is where most of the action happens and while it is a significant improvement over other government-regulated betting schemes it still leaves much to be desired especially in comparison to the best online sportsbooks listed here.

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    Lotteries in Prince Edward Island

    Despite only having under 150K residents, PEI is home to two Red Shores Racinos, the two hottest gambling spots on Spud Island. Charlottetown and Summerside are home to almost half of PEI’s population and these modern gaming venues offer LIVE and simulcast horse betting action as well as slot machines and table games. Avoid the VLT money pits at all costs and look into the ALC’s Pro-Line Stadium with discretion. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) is the head honcho of gambling affairs in the province and the entire Atlantic Canada is its name suggests.

    The Pro-Line Stadium is its lead betting platform and it is commendable that it reduces the required bets to two-leg parlays instead of three and it has an online setting unlike its stone aged cousins in Ontario and the Prairies. However, it is still quite lacking and its TIE restrictions are dreadful.

    Pro-Line Stadium vs Online Sportsbooks

    The Pro-Line Stadium is a decent platform and many bettors on it may have come out winners but the people of PEI deserve better options. The online sportsbooks listed above are better in so many ways and here are just but a few reasons why: 

    • No TIE rule: a winning a wager is a winning wager
    • No parlay requirements; a single wager is acceptable with no extra requirements
    • Betting odds are not watered down
    • Live betting available anytime and anywhere; no geographic restrictions

    The Alternative To The Prince Edward Island Sports Lottery

    The lack of sports teams or events won’t deter the betting public from PEI in laying some of their hard-earned money down. Unfortunately, the ALC’s Pro-Line Stadium limits their prospects of winning with their bogus two-wager requirement, watered-down odds, and TIE rules. The TIE rules dictate that winning teams have to win by over a required limit to profit.

    Considering how many NHL games go to overtime or how many MLB games are decided by one run or NBA games decided by five points or less, it pretty much means bettors have to pick teams to win comfortably. Picking one team to do so is already hard but two at the same time just means the decks are stacked against the bettor.

    But with the top online sportsbooks like SportsInteraction, these TIE rules are nonexistent and a single wager on the money line is welcome so even if the team of choice wins by one or a forty in the NBA, it is a winning bet and it will cash. The signup bonus of up to $200 in cash value is also icing on the cake so there is little reason outside stubbornness for the sake of stuborness to not give these books a shot. The chances of winning go up and gambling will be fun again.