New York Islanders – Barclays Center

NO SLEEP TILL *guitar action* BROOKLYN! It’s a brand new era for the New York Islanders as they leave Long Island and Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to begin life as Brooklyn’s official NHL club. Will a combo of old and new traditions find their way into the Barclays Center version of Islanders home games? We imagine so.

New York Islanders Stadium

After many, many, many years of valued service, the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is no longer the base of operations for the New York Islanders. The club leaves behind a bulding that housed Cup wins and spectacular play from Bossy, Trottier, Smith and Potvin. Oh, and it also was the home of some absolutely horrendous hockey for an alarmngly large period of time. Franchise hero John Tavares will be the face of the club as they move into the billion dollar Brooklyn building that they’ll share with the Nets. 

What can fans expect from the Brooklyn Isles experience? A swankier building and a new location seem to be the main changes. The Islanders notched three more home wins in Long Island than they did on the road, so it doesn’t appear the team will be giving up a colossal home ice advantage if we’re looking at a strictly standings point of view. The Barclays Center holds a few thousand fewer seats for live hockey versus Nassau Coliseum. It’s a dip in capacity, but the Isles averaged around 13,000 – 15,000 fans per game over the past few year, which means Brooklyn could outdraw Long Island even with fewer available spots in the building. We feel bad for Long Island losing the club, but we’re also intrigued to see what the Brooklyn era of Islander hockey has in store.

Arena Vitals

Date Opened: 2012

Construction Cost: $1 Billion

Architect: SHoP Architects, Ellerbe Becket/AECOM

Capacity Attendance: 15,795

Has A Stanley Cup Final Been Played There: No

Previous New York Islanders Arenas

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum 

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