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Blackhawks at Canadiens NHL Online Betting Lines

Blackhawks at Canadiens NHL Online Betting Lines
Seriously though. The schedule-makers hate the Montréal Canadiens. This has been a rough way to start the season. But if you were overly optimistic I guess you could say this is a chance for them to test their championship medal. The expectations are 100% focussed on the Stanley Cup this year. So a bit of adversity to start the year, and some challenging scheduling is a good thing, right? Right, right?

Blackhawks at Canadiens NHL Week 4

Actually, you could argue that it’s a blessing to get this challenging stretch of the season over early on. The more difficult games you have now, the more easy games you have later. In theory, of course. It’s not like this is an absolutely devastating stretch. But it sucks.

Starting the season against three playoff-likely teams,  on the road. Then at home for a matchup against the stacked and confident Chicago Blackhawks, another game at home against the young and bullish looking Toronto Maple Leafs, then back on the road for three more.

My Team's Next MatchMontreal Canadiens

If you’re a Habs fan, you’ve got to see it is a bit unfair. Or at least, very unfortunate.

The facts are these. First of all, Montreal is going to have to work very hard to start the season 6-4. That’s a good number, given the schedule. 7-3 would be amazing. But it’s gonna take a lot of work. And I don’t like their offense of struggles going into tonight (Montreal only 4 goals in 3 games to start). So I’ve really got to hand it to the Blackhawks.

Prediction: Chicago Blackhawks at Sports Interaction

I must say, I’m kind of enjoying this chip I’m seeing on the Blackhawks’ shoulder to start the season. We all see The Hawks’ 18 goals in 3 games to start the season. You feel like they feel a bit snubbed by critics and fans not really putting them among the Stanley Cup favorites. Their last Stanley Cup win in 2013 seems like forever ago. The loss in the conference finals the following year, then a loss in the Stanley cup finals, followed by back-to-back disappointing first-round exits (including a humiliating sweep last year) has is not really thinking too highly of the Blackhawks chances this year.

Right now, it’s the Pittsburgh Penguins and everybody else. And that everybody else includes a lot of talented up-and-coming teams that are looking to usurp these older teams like, these very Chicago Blackhawks. If you’re the Blackhawks, you’re in the Edmonton Oilers Way right now. Or at least that seems to be how the popular hockey thinking world sees you. Sort of the same way that the Boston Celtics were just an inconvenience to LeBron James. Just a right of passage or a hurdle that needs to be cleared on the way to carving your own legacy.

This is why I kinda like the Blackhawks this year. Not enough people are giving them a serious look, despite an incredibly talented and experienced core. They need to stay healthy, of course, but so does any championship contender. This is gonna sound crazy, but if they are at full strength, I’ve got them in the Western Conference final. They’ve got just that magical mixture of experience, yet something to prove. they’re not really old, but they’re young. They’re old enough to hate young guys. Like me!

I’m taking the Blackhawks tonight, and I’m actually going to bet on them in a lot of games against these young whippersnappers like the Mapleleaf’s and the Oilers. This team has a lot to prove, and a lot of weapons to do it. These guys are going to be all in this year. There a contender. treat them as such, or you’re going to get destroyed.

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