Best online canadian sitesCanadian sports betting enthusiasts rejoice! For too long Canadians have been forced to rely upon a provincial government lottery for sports betting action, but with more and more online sportsbooks catering to Canadian gamblers its’ never been easier for customers from St. John’s to Victoria to Nunavut to get in on their favorite sports, casino, poker and racebook wagers... Our job? Help you find the best online betting sites.

Canadian Online Betting Site Reviews

    Choosing online sportsbooks is a lot like choosing what to drink when you go out – the possibilities are endless, but you really should just stick with a few solid decisions if you don’t want to feel like crap later. Our team of industry experts and handicappers has examined all of the online sportsbooks that accept Canadian members based upon criteria that actually matters to Canadian customers, including payment methods, customer service, betting odds and more.

    We registered, we played, we deposited and we withdrew and it very quickly became apparent why we did it: very few online sportsbooks offer the level of service Canadian customers deserve. The “good” sportsbooks were responsive, secure, offered what they advertised and more, while the “bad” sportsbooks (which unfortunately were many of the ones we looked at) were only in it for the money and offered smoke and mirrors where value should have been. Let our experience be your guide in choosing a new online sportsbook.

    #1 Sports Interaction Online Betting



    Homegrown online gaming destination has operated in Canada since 1997. Upon visiting their easy-to-use website you won’t notice a lot of bells and whistles or false promises, just bets, bets and more bets! Their full service sportsbook, casino, poker room and racebook caters to new and experienced bettors alike. Sporting a huge selection of betting options, Live Betting events and customer-friendly service, is a sportsbook that every Canadian can be proud to be a part of!



    #3 Bet365 Online Betting



    Globetrotters, this sportsbook is for you! Bet365 is one of the leading global online sportsbooks for over a decade, and it’s easy to see why. With action on sports from across North America to Europe to Asia, Bet365 caters to all sports betting fans, including Canadians. Value-added promotions, trusted account security, combined with experienced and trustworthy account management have you covered 365 days a year at Bet365! Check out our Bet365 review now!


    Canada Online Sports Betting

    Online betting is a popular hobby amongst many Canadians not surprising due to how sports-crazed the country is. Stereotypes be damned, Canadians don't just love hockey. They love almost all kinds of sports from basketball to baseball to both American and Canadian football and even some soccer and mixed martial arts. Betting sites cover these five main sports.

    There are numerous betting lines across all sports from the popular point spreads, money lines, and totals and exclusive to hockey, Canadian lines (also known as "Puck lines"). Propositions are also widespread depending on the betting site and extend to as far as politics, entertainment, and reality TV shows. Other lesser followed sports like cricket, rugby, motor racing, and golf are also available in wide selections. Live betting wasn't offered in all sites before but is quickly becoming a staple in several as well as continuous improvements to mobile sites letting players wage wherever and whenever.

    Results / Fixtures

    In order for betting sites to stay in business, they have to not only be reputable but have the best care packages to not only entice but keep their client base satisfied. There are plenty of legitimate sites quickly growing their brand thanks to promotions such as signup bonuses, contests, and free bets. Select sites also take care of their longtime clients with exclusive promotions built just for them and this isn't even mentioning amiable customer service agents who ensure clients are perfectly satisfied with their tenure. 

    Some sites also offer horse racing, casinos, and poker with specific bonuses tailored for their players. Whatever Canadians need, the sites will have it. And the rise of smartphone technology has made online gambling more popular than ever as betting sites continually keep pace with the sports they cover.

    Is Online Betting Legal In Canada

    Online gambling is legal but it falls within the selected provincial lotteries owned and operated by the government. These lotteries, while decent platforms are just not as accessible than the online betting sites discussed earlier. These said sites are technically not legal. But they are also not illegal. Making bets in a betting house outside the government-operated lotteries is illegal however because the betting sites are not located in Canada, they are exempt from that rule. The issue, however, isn't whether online betting is legal or illegal but whether the betting sites bettors sign up with are reputable

    Bettors will not only be depositing money but will be providing personal information so verifying the legitimacy of a site is a top priority. There are many ways to analyze the credibility of an online betting site and it starts with its licensing. 

    The Kahnawake Mohawk Territory licenses and strictly regulates online betting sites under its jurisdiction. But plenty of other online betting sites available to Canadians are overseas and overseen by international governments like the United Kingdom's Gambling Commission and the Caribbean and Central American governments from Curacao to Costa Rica. The fact a site has a license already establishes its legitimacy. An absence of a license raises a red flag. 

    The longevity of a site is also a good sign. Sites that have been operating for over five years shows they have the efficiency and ethical sense to stay in business. Online betting is a risky business and only the best and most reputable brands stay online in the long run. Checking the site's policies and customer service are also necessary walkthroughs. The best-run sites will not only have elaborate and transparent policies but will also ensure your security and provide the best customer service. Anything less is a warning sign.