American College Basketball has been a betting force in the online gaming industry since the first sportsbook ever opened. With the NBA however passing a rule stating all potential pros need at least one year of college play before entering the Draft, NCAA Basketball has seen a rebirth in the past 5 years, with the bar being raised across the board. College Basketball is not only a game of 5-on-5 but also of execution, coaching and strategy… [+]

Game matchups will each have spreads, totals and often moneylines (although these are offered when one side is heavily favored). Most sportsbooks will also offer Live Betting options on Saturdays. The first camp consists of those who see that many games as completely overwhelming and ignore the sport (for the most part) until the NCAA Tournament arrives in March. Yet, it’s the second camp that you should strive to be a part of, as that many betting opportunities means that there are plenty of valuable betting spots on the card as sportsbooks simply don’t have the time to keep up with EVERYTHING when putting out their online NCAA basketball point spreads.

NCAA Basketball Betting Lines

Much like betting on pro basketball, NCAA College Basketball betting offers a wide range of choices and available betting options. Some prefer to play it straight, while others prefer to buy points or combine their picks into a potentially lucrative parlay. Unlike the NBA however, upsets are rare in NCAA Basketball, so the spreads will require closer examination than at the pro level.

NCAA Betting Trends

While some online sportsbooks offer only a token number of NCAA Basketball wagers, our selection of the top sports betting destination for Canadian sports gamblers give more than lip service with daily games, early post odds and betting options including point-buying and more. Each of our approved sportsbooks offer great NCAA College Basketball action.

    How To Bet On NCAAB

    You can understand how many bettors get simply overwhelmed with the sheer amount of college basketball games on a busy Saturday, but any successful NCAA basketball betting expert knows that you’ve got to go at it with a plan. Whether it is sticking to teams from a select few conferences, teams in your area, or breaking down the point spread board by time slots, there are ways to “shrink” those large betting boards to get a betting grip on them.

    You could stick to the “T.V” games (national or otherwise), but know that the oddsmakers know that those games will receive more attention from the betting public and make sure to put as much work as they can in releasing those spreads. The same can’t be said for a late-night West Coast Conference game between San Francisco and Pepperdine and it’s those types of spots where bettors do find “softer” lines to aggressively attack. Another big thing new NCAA basketball bettors would be wise to avoid is getting caught up in the “Top 25” rankings media outlets and the like put out each week. Top 25 teams get upset all the time (especially on the road) and you’ll often find these same ranked teams as underdogs against a lower ranked, or even unranked foe.

    Novice bettors see #4 Duke getting +4 points against unranked Virginia and flock to Duke and the points. I can’t tell you how many times that unranked/lower ranked team wins straight up and against the spread in those types of games as it happens all the time throughout the year.

    Obviously, it isn’t 100%, but looking to go against Top 25 ranked teams as road underdogs is a strong betting tactic many NCAA basketball bettors subscribe too… Ready to pick a side? Well you’re in luck as “Championship Week”, the week when NCAA Basketball Conference Tournaments take place, is a great lead-up to Selection Sunday and March Madness. Compare the wagering options offered by our recommended sportsbooks for all the big conference matchups and don’t overlook this rivalry-filled pre-cursor to the biggest tournament in college sports.