Baseball is back in Canada! The Blue Jays’ magical playoff run last year has once again electrified the nation, and all eyes are back on baseball. This is particularly true going into this new season, with Canada’s hockey teams disappointed Canadian fans that are hungry to watch a winner. Major league baseball presents an amazing opportunity for fans to place bets online. Every one of MLB’s 30 teams will play an incredible 162 regular season games. That’s almost as much as an NBA and NHL team combined. Ready to take your chance?

Baseball Betting Lines

Always pay special attention when looking at online betting odds on baseball. Your team may be playing the exact same team they played yesterday, but the odds may be drastically different, given the starting pitching match up. 

Results / Fixtures

Baseball Betting Sites

Here are some of the best baseball online betting sites available for you to choose from. All of these sites are Canada-friendly, safe, secure, and give you a new opportunity to win big every day. 

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    Now is an amazing time to start betting on major league baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays will play almost as many games as the Maple Leafs and The Raptors combined in standard regular season play. That’s a lot of baseball and a lot of exciting betting potential.

    The Jays’ style of play also means lots of late-game drama, come from behind rallies and walk-off wins. That makes for an exciting season for fans and betters alike. 

    Remember, when betting on baseball, choosing the favorite isn’t as safe as it is in other sports. The top teams will win about 70% of their games. The top teams win closer to 80% or higher in the NBA and NFL.

    At the same time, the bad teams win more often, which makes for more upsets. The lower tier teams in MLB will win about 30% of their games. So, if the worst team in baseball is playing the best team in a 3-game weekend series, the odds are decent the lower ranked team will win one of those games.