Despite being a small market team, the Oakland Athletics or “A’s” are one of the most successful MLB franchises in history. Starting as a charter member in 1901, the team began in Philadelphia for its first 54 years before moving to Kansas City until finally relocating to Oakland in 1968 as their current incarnation. The franchise has the third most World Series titles (9), the second most AL pennants with 15 and the most AL West division crowns with 16. [+]

They are most recently entering a new period of rebuild and fans and gamblers stay patient as their underdog status will shine through eventually.

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1910 marked the first time the franchise won the World Series as the Philadelphia Athletics. They would win five World Series championships in total out of eight appearances before moving to Kansas City where they would produce no championship teams. Their next World Series title came in 1972 where they won three in a row. Their last World Series championship came in 1989. They last made the playoffs in 2014 as a wild card team but haven’t won a playoff series since 2006.

The Athletics finished dead last in both the division and conference suffering their worst record since 1997. They only won 43.4 percent of their division games but surprisingly had a winning record against the division champions, the Texas Rangers. With a team that is still rebuilding and losing more key pieces, it’s hard to imagine the Athletics remaining competitive with their division rivals.

As a rebuilding team, the Athletics have more holes than Swiss cheese but they at least have star in Josh Reddick. Lead pitcher, Sonny Gray is great and the addition of Jed Lowrie and Khris Davis will help. But that’s about it for the A’s who will still field a generally lacking team on offense and defense and as their division rivals keep gearing up for playoff runs, the A’s will be left grasping for straws. 

Even the most optimistic Athletics fan will consider a winning record as a pipe dream but crazier things have happened. The A’s at their best can give some playoff caliber teams a run for their money and they may even show flashes and come close to a winning record. But over the course of 162 games, they’ll eventually be buried in the division and anything above a bottom three conference finish will be promising.