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Canada’s love affair with betting on football is as old as the gridiron itself. Today, Canadians can lay bets on NFL, CFL, and NCAA games, with more access and insights than ever before. Most of your football betting action is going to take place on the weekend, with Sunday being the day you’ll want to have 7 TVs going at the same time. The NFL recently added Thursday games to help curb people’s mid-week pigskin withdrawal symptoms, but most games take place on Sunday, with a big-ticket game on Monday night. [+]

And the NCAA runs most of their games on Saturday, so plan your bets accordingly. During the summer, you can still find plenty of action in Canada’s beloved national league, the CFL.

Football Betting Lines

Bookmark this page for the most up-to-date and reliable football betting lines. Find the lines on tonight’s CFL games, or choose from any combination of games in the NFL or NCAA. Your first step towards big money from betting on football starts by checking here, every night.

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Football Betting Sites

This is a must-bookmark resource for betters looking for Canada’s best football betting sites. We’ve ranked Canada’s best online sportsbooks, based on a number of factors, including their bonus offers for Canadian betters. 

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    When betting on NCAA football games, always factor in the massive home field advantage that each team holds. Even betting on a favored road team is an extremely risky prospect. 

    At home, the CFL games are a bit harder to call. Betting the line is usually the smart play, with far less people betting, compared to the NFL. Your home field advantage is likely also going to be a bit stronger than it is in the NFL.

    When placing your NFL bets, everyone you know will have advice. So don’t try to do everything that everyone says, or you will lose all your sanity and money. Every Monday morning, you will meet dozens of I-Told-You-So-ers, who had a good weekend betting, based on insights they likely don’t even have. Most people bet based on instinct and a few raw stats. But you know better than that. 

    Follow a bit of proven football betting advice. The NFL line is based on what its massive public betters pool is doing/ thinking. Many of these people are first time betters, so they likely don’t know anything that you don’t. So safe bets aren’t actually that safe. Better beware!