The NBA Central Division is home to Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James (right now) and that typically means everyone else in the division is looking up at Cleveland. The Cavs have put together consecutive Central Division titles since James returned to town and chances are they’ll always be in that hunt for as long as LeBron is around. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some other very good NBA teams in this division that add plenty of intrigue to online NBA Central betting throughout the course of the year. [+]

Indiana, Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee all have some concerns, but all four of them are capable of being a playoff team on a yearly basis if they play together and catch a few breaks.

NBA Central Betting Lines

Sportsbooks understand that Cleveland is King in this division right now and base many of their NBA Central betting lines around that presumption. You can see upcoming games with point spread numbers listed below.

Results / Fixtures

NBA Central Standings

You will typically find Cleveland atop the NBA Central standings, but that won’t be the case forever. Check to see who’s hunting down LeBron and company this year in the box below.


How To Bet On NBA Central Division

NBA Central games tend to bring that Midwestern attitude with them as the majority of the teams in this division have no problem being physical and grinding you out with strong defensive play. From a betting perspective that is good to know as you shouldn't be afraid to look at some of these games between Central Division rivals to stay 'under' the respective total. Rivalries can flare up in a hurry in this division, especially with everyone trying to dethrone LeBron, Kyrie Irving, and the Cavs.

Along those same lines, rivalry games tend to bring out the best in guys – especially underdogs – as they are always looking to prove that they belong on the same floor as the favorite. In the Central Division's case, that means you'll catch a lot of these teams as underdogs, even home underdogs, when Cleveland's next up on the schedule. If a few other things line up (ie rest, travel, lack of injuries), grabbing the points with the likes of the Indiana's and Chicago's of this division should turn out to be profitable.

Finally, as far as the next team to claim a division crown, don't be surprised if it turns out to be the Indiana Pacers. They've got an established superstar in Paul George, and if management can surround him with a few other scoring options they'll be right on Cleveland's tail. Big man Myles Turner is a tremendous rim protector and the Pacers still have a few guys who tasted success in the early 2010's when they did win the NBA Central.