Located in a part of the United States that has more snow than most Canadian cities, the Buffalo Sabres lines have been chilly on sportsbooks as well, especially during the mid-2010s. From the French Connection to the Dominator, this franchise has squandered opportunities to win the Stanley Cup since 1970, similar to the Vancouver Canucks, who also entered the league that year. Eventually, the Sabres look to utilize newly drafted talent to take another shot at winning the Stanley Cup.

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Similar to other professional Buffalo sports teams, the Buffalo Sabres have not won a championship although they have come close. The day that will live in infamy for this franchise is June 19th, 1999, when Brett Hull scored in triple overtime with his skate in the crease, which was extremely controversial because it was considered to be an illegal goal at the time according to the written rules. After an uproar, it caused the skate-crease rule to be clarified, and eventually abolished. The other years that they made the Stanley Cup finals were the 1974-75 and 1979-80 season, losing both series.

The Buffalo Sabers have been in the middle of a lengthy tear down and rebuild process as new owner Terry Pegula promises to bring the team back to the glory days, when Dominik Hasek roamed the crease, striking fear into shooters during the late nineties. Those teams were known for impenetrable defense and opportunistic scoring. Currently, the Sabres are banking on turning multiple high draft picks, including Jack Eichel, into a perennial contender.

As such, the Sabres have been considered easy points for the past few years, especially since they traded away their stars after yet another disappointing post season, choosing instead to rebuild from scratch. In a few years, the team looks to leap into respectability in the eastern conference. 

Similar to the Buffalo Bills, the Sabres have a reputation of being unable to rise to the challenge, flaming out during the playoffs during the entirety of the near half-century that they’ve competed in the National Hockey League. That being said, the First Niagara Center carries on the tradition of the Aud, which was one of the least friendly environments for opposing teams to visit because of the noise and the rowdiness of Buffalo sports fans.