The Senators started playing organized hockey in 1883, and were quite successful during the old era until they folded in 1934. In 1992, the modern version of the team was reborn, although the squad hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success. Despite making the playoffs frequently, Ottawa Senators lines have never listed them as favourites to take it all, despite the fact that they have been fairly consistent since the franchise drafted Daniel Alfredsson.

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Since the franchise was reborn in the nation’s capitol, the team has only managed to make the Stanley Cup finals once, during the 2006-07 season when they were overwhelmed by the vastly superior Anaheim Ducks. After finishing near the bottom for the first few seasons of their existence, they made the playoffs on a regular basis starting in 1996, when Jacques Martin instituted a defence-first philosophy that still persists today. 

Despite the fact that they’ve had decent teams over the past couple of decades, the Ottawa Senators were never really considered to be a favourite to win it all. Even when they performed well enough to make the finals, the team wasn’t thought to be too scary to division and conference rivals. In fact, they lost quite a few playoffs series to the lovable losers, the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

The defensive structure of the Ottawa Senators, supported by one of the best in the league in Erik Karlsson, has long been one of the greatest strengths of the Ottawa Senators. Even their star forwards tend to be defensive stalwarts, as characterized by the captaincy of Daniel Alfredsson during his career. Similar to the Flyers and other teams who skimp on goaltending, the Senators have fallen short of expectations several times due to underwhelming net minding, in particular during the playoffs.  

The Senators have been rather mediocre, making the playoffs in alternate years without going deep into the post season, last winning a playoff series in 2012-2013. As they attempt to rebuild on the fly, they’ll be able to count on one of the best players in the game, defenceman Erik Karlsson, as a rare d-man that you can build a team around.