Nothing brings out Canadian national pride more than the National Hockey League. With only six, maybe soon seven teams out of 30, the competition with our rivals to the south just adds to the intensity. Since so many of our talent play on American teams, the league-wide interest in the league is sky-high, second-to-none as it has been for more than a century. Another favorite hockey past time in Canada is betting on the big game, and interest in that is becoming deeper and deeper each season. [+]

We know you want to concentrate on the broadcast, so we’ve created a simple odds comparison table that will guide you through the different odds available in just one webpage. You’ll have the ability to compare Money Line, Point Spread and Game Total odds from the top online sportsbooks in Canada on With this new feature you’ll spend less time figuring out how and where to place your wager and more time getting amped for face-off.

NHL Betting Lines

When all you want to do is throw down a couple of bucks on who you think will be the winner of tonight’s game, the last thing you want to do is waste time jumping around online sportsbook sites trying to find odds that you will like. [+]

We now have the odds comparison table with which you can see, all in one chart, what the best Canadian sportsbooks are offering and on what events. Forget being at the mercy of one site, now you can pick the wager you want from the sportsbook you want. Since the Money Line, Point Spread and Game Total are the most popular bets made on the NHL online in Canada, those are featured in our comparison table. Simply look up which one you fancy, and scope across the row to see which sportsbook offers you the best odds.

Results / Fixtures

NHL Standings

Checking the NHL standings on a weekly basis can help you figure out which upcoming games to target as betting options. This year’s current NHL standings can be seen below.


How To Bet On NHL

The most basic hockey bet to make is the Money Line bet. Bettors pick the outright winner and are paid out accordingly, so let’s consider the following as our example: HOME +155, AWAY -175.

In this scenario, the away team are marked favorites and bettors would win $100 for every $175 wagered.  If the underdog home team wins, bettors would win $155 for every $100 wagered.  Reglulation Line betting is very similar to Money Line, where the odds are slightly increased with the stipulation that the game ends in regulation time. There is also a ‘draw’ for those who want to bet that it will go into overtime.

Again for a higher payout, bettors may consider a Puck Line Bet, where the chosen team must win by two or more goals. If choosing the underdog, the team may win or lose by one goal for the bettor to be paid out.  Winning odds are increased for Puck Line.

The OVER/UNDER bet focuses on the total number of goals scored between the two teams in the game. Often the odds are 5.5 so OVER bettors believe there will be six or more goals scored, while UNDER bettors go with five or less. 

It should be noted that prop betting (prop bet is shot for for a “proposition” bet) is the most recreational type of NHL betting and that prop bets can include period OVER/UNDERS, first team to score, alternate spreads etc… Remember, the higher the importance the game carries, the more prop bets you are likely to find.