After a long 82-game season and a draining two-month playoff run, two NHL teams are left standing in the Stanley Cup Final. It’s a great time of year where the world gets to see which team comes out on top and survived the ultimate gauntlet of the NHL season. Online Stanley Cup Final betting lines are some of the tightest betting lines the sport sees all year because odds makers have so much knowledge and statistical data at their disposal to list almost a perfect number. Yet, there are still situations and betting spots where gamblers can find an edge and act on it accordingly.

Stanley Cup Final Betting Lines

The Stanley Cup Final betting lines are very sharp, but if you do perceive an edge on either side it’s important to act quick. Eventually the market will catch up with similar thoughts and eliminate the number you deem has value.  

Stanley Cup Final Betting Trends

There are plenty of Stanley Cup Final betting sites out there, but we’ve listed some of the better ones below for Canadian bettors. Go through the list to see which site best suits your needs.

    How To Bet On Stanley Cup Final

    Stanley Cup champions are remembered forever and that idea is not lost on the players involved. Those guys know they’ve got a chance to be immortalized with their name forever engraved on the Cup should their team come out on top. With so much on the line, it’s important as a bettor to remember that those NHL players are human too, and nerves and adrenaline will play a part in any Stanley Cup Final for both sides. Those nerves can play a huge part in deciding the outcome of a game, so predicting which side may be more affected by those nerves has to be included in your handicapping.

    Along those same lines, it’s a huge plus for a team that’s got a core group of guys who have been through the pressure of a Stanley Cup Final before (won or lost). Those players have a much better idea of what to expect when the pressure is at its highest and can react accordingly. That’s a big reason why we’ve seen two teams in Chicago and the L.A Kings take home five of the past six Stanley Cups entering the 2015-16 season.

    Finally, as with any new series in the playoffs, there is always going to be a feeling out process for two new combatants. Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final is where you’ll see this process the most evident as both sides are experiencing the nerves of being in the Final and neither team wants to drop that first game. There will typically be less risks taken and more preventative rather than aggressive play. That style of hockey is music to the ears of totals bettors who aren’t afraid to play a lot of ‘unders.’