Wagering at online sportsbooks really took off in the early 2000’s and its growth is something that never seems to stop. Fans of all leagues love to get in on the action for their favourite team’s next contest and that’s very evident in the Eastern US with a renewed interest in NHL hockey there. Online NHL Eastern Betting encapsulates some of the more popular US-based teams in the NHL, as well as some of the stalwarts in Canada. These teams include the likes of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa north of the border, while interest in the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh, Washington, Philadelphia, and relative newcomers like Florida and Tampa continues to grow.

NHL Eastern Betting Lines

With so many popular NHL teams residing in the Eastern Conference, finding NHL East betting lines isn’t hard at all. You can find the moneyline prices for upcoming games involving these teams.

Results / Fixtures

NHL Eastern Standings

Since the late 2000’s the Eastern Conference has been dominated in the standings by the likes of the Pittsburgh’s and Washington’s of the league. To find out if that is the case this year, take a peek at the list below.


How To bet On NHL Eastern Conference

As the two biggest names recognized globally playing in the Eastern Conference – Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin - this conference gets plenty of attention and interest from bettors everywhere. The national media attention from both the US and Canada also employs a typical “East Coast bias” when reporting on the NHL, so it's tough to read any NHL news without hearing about something involving an Eastern Conference team.

Since that is the case, it's very important as an NHL bettor to wade through news reports and stories on these teams and determine what, if any, of that information you read/hear about can help in your handicapping. Obviously injury reports are a big thing to be constantly aware of, especially if a big star like Crosby is lost to Pittsburgh for significant time. Sportsbooks will incorporate similar thinking when putting out a line on the next Penguins game in that example, but understanding if the Pens are undervalued at that new number or possibly in a deflated mood because of the news, are things that will help you betting account's bottom line.

Finally, although there have been some very good Eastern Conference teams lately – since the 2009-10 season, four of the seven President's Trophy winners (most points in the regular season) have come from the Eastern Conference, the Conference as a whole has been overmatched against the Western representative in the Stanley Cup Final. Only once in that span has an Eastern Conference team hoisted the Stanley Cup (Boston in 2011) and it's a general notion that the East is the conference that has played second fiddle in the league for the better part of the past decade. Keep that notion in mind throughout the season when you are betting games between Eastern and Western teams.