The Chicago Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups since the 2010 season and a lot of that success can be credited to the Hawks surviving life in the NHL Central division. Chicago, St Louis, Dallas, Nashville, Minnesota, Winnipeg, and Colorado make up this gruelling division that’s earned a very good reputation. The NHL Central has typically been recognized as the best division from top to bottom in the NHL since the turn of the decade. Since the division was realigned in 2013, five teams from this division have made the playoffs each year and every one of those seven teams has made it to the playoffs at least once. [+]

All of that winning throughout the division makes online NHL Central betting lines ones that bettors have to pay attention to on a nightly basis.

NHL Central Betting Lines

Since there has been so much back and forth between the teams in this division in recent years, bettors can find plenty of value with NHL Central betting lines during the year. To check out the moneyline prices for upcoming games involving these teams, check out the chart below.

Results / Fixtures

NHL Central Standings

The NHL Central standings provides some of the tightest races in the league year round. There have been three different division winners since the 2013-14 season, and you can see where they all stand this season here.


How To Bet On NHL Central Division

The best overall record since the 2013-14 season is owned by the St Louis Blues (152 wins), but they haven't really been able to turn those great seasons into playoff success.

However, the most interesting part of this division from a betting standpoint is how quickly the positioning in the standings can change from year to year. Colorado won the division in 2013-14 and finished last the following season, and Dallas won the division in 2015-16, a year after finishing sixth and missing out on the postseason. That shows you just how deep this division truly is and that given the right situational spots, backing moneyline underdogs coming from the Central can really boost a bankroll.

Finally, it would be erroneous when betting on teams in this division without understanding the different styles they play. Dallas is a high-flying team that can put up goals in a hurry, Colorado is very similar to that but without the bonafide snipers littered through their roster, and Winnipeg likes to trade chances with opponents too.

On the other side of things, there is St Louis, Nashville, and Minnesota who prefer defensive-minded hockey, wearing down opponents with physical play and taking advantage of their opportunities on counter-attacks and other rushes.

And then there is Chicago. The Hawks can play very good hockey in either of those styles; willing to trade goals with faster teams, and willing to play physical with the others. Chicago's ability to use their offensive advantage against the defensive teams, and defensive advantage against the offensive teams, has been the blueprint to their success for getting out of the NHL Central division come playoff time.