Canada’s largest annual sports and television event, the Grey Cup holds a special place in the heart of most Canadians. Earl Grey, the Governor-General of Canada, donated a trophy for the Rugby Football Championship of Canada in 1909. It is currently awarded to the champions of the the Canadian Football League. The CFL is a tight-knit eight-team football league that explodes for five months of the year leading up to the final game between the East and West conferences. No matter where you are in Canada, there is a team you love and every other team in their conference you, well, don’t love. [+]

The Edmonton Eskimos have the most Grey Cup appearances with 25 but the Toronto Argonauts have the most wins with 16. Like its American cousin, the event attracts a ton of fans and gamblers alike who salivate at all the potential profit they can make while enjoying some high octane Canadian football. The CFL and its final game is a great forum for Canadians to gather and celebrate another tradition that makes the country proud. Many people wager on the big game to add to the football fever that takes over the nation every November. Canadians love to bet, and they love to bet on what they know.

CFL Grey Cup Betting Lines

Check here for the latest on the Grey Cup including start time and money lines from the best bookmakers. We update the score regularly so keep it locked to see how your team is doing.

CFL Grey Cup Online Betting Trends

As online sportsbooks in Canada continue to expand and pioneer a new age in online gaming, the Grey Cup event will be right there for the ride. Easy and quick deposits and withdrawals, faster game odds, new prop bets and even better bonuses and promotions will make the CFL’s Grey Cup game one of the most exciting events for online betting in North America.

    How To Bet On CFL Grey Cup

    From the famous beer bottling-dodging of Raghid (Rocket) Ismail on his way to an 87-yard kick-off return in 1989, to Calgary Stampeders fans dressing up in Western gear in 1948 and taking over the lobby of the fancy Royal York Hotel in Toronto by horse, the memories of the Grey Cup game are celebrated and created every year. From the rock solid performances of Matt Dunigan, playing with a broken collarbone in -35 temperatures, or Doug Flutie marching the Argos to victory at the ‘snow bowl’ in 1996, this one event never fails to provide Canadians with a sense of happiness and pride.

    The biggest sporting event in Canada also brings in the biggest wagers, and with that comes the opportunity to cash in not only bragging rights on the field, but also in your online sportsbook account t one of the reputable sites that service Canadians. Gamblers and fans alike focus intently on this championship game as sportsbooks put out all kinds of betting opportunities that, at times, rival even the NFL’s in terms of how random they can be. Also due to the league being small and intimate, it isn’t uncommon for a CFL team to play the Grey Cup at their home.

    Winning is Winning: since the start of the 2000s, the team with the better record is 9-4 in the Grey Cup indicating that the likely favourite still wins more often than not. But again it boils down to other variable factors like how much “momentum” either team has, previous matchups and any roster changes or injuries. Having hometurf advantage is also huge as the previous three teams who played at home all won the Grey Cup.

    West is Best: since the new millennium, western teams are 11-5 in the Grey Cup and only the Argonauts and Alouettes have won it for the East. The trend is significant on just how superior the western teams are compared to the East likely because of the ode, “steel sharpens steel”. Western teams compete and play at a higher level throughout the regular season and are likely able to execute better when push comes to shove.

    Lots of Props: depending on your sportsbook, prop bets will be widely available for betting. If betting the money line or totals are just not your fancy, try looking at other props like what the first scoring play will be or by guessing the margin of victory for either team. If you really want to get crazy, prop bets on the length of the national anthem, temperature at kick-off and halftime shows are also available. Or if you want to be completely arbitrary, bet the coin toss at 50-50 odds.