When the Winnipeg Jets first folded out of the NHL, they ended up moving to the Phoenix area, playing their games out of Glendale starting in 1996. Unfortunately, the talent that transferred over to the Coyotes left them in a position that most expansion teams find themselves in when it comes to a lack of high end talent needed to compete at the highest level. Arizona Coyotes lines have never listed them as overwhelming favourites to win it all.

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During the early years, as the Phoenix Coyotes, the team made the post season on a regular basis, but was never able to go deep into the playoffs, despite having a decent front line. After nearly winning a series in 2001 and 2002, the team plunged out of the playoffs and out of profitability. The team did return to the ice with a high quality product, even winning their first playoff series since 1987 by defeating the Blackhawks in 2012. This was the same year that they earned their first division title as a franchise. 

Even when they won the division title, the Coyotes were never really considered serious favourites to win the Stanley Cup. They fell well short of their first conference title, getting slammed by the Los Angeles Kings, the eventual winners of the Stanley Cup. Since then, they’ve finished well out of contention for the playoffs, as new ownership attempts to stabilize the situation.

Since the team has a lot of difficulty attracting free agents due to a strict budget and a sleepy hockey environment in suburban Phoenix, the quality of the team tends to revolve around how well they’re able to play a team game that depends on maintaining tight defence. While they have added some high end young talent that promises to provide plenty of fire power in the future, their main strength is in their backline, lead by Oliver Ekman-Larsson. 

After the team made the conference finals, they reverted back to irrelevancy almost immediately. Eventually, as the team rebuilds through the draft, they may be able to create a solid foundation that will cause hockey to finally flourish in the desert.