It took nearly a decade for the Devils to finally land in New Jersey, starting off as the Kansas City Scouts in 1974, moving to Colorado in 1976, before finally landing in the tri-state area in 1982. Although the team started performing well after more than a decade of mediocrity, the squad ended up becoming one of the most consistent in the NHL. For nearly two decades, New Jersey Devils lines were considered to be among the most consistent in the sport.

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The Devils won their first Stanley Cup during the 1994-95 season, pioneering a defensive system that would change the competitive mindset of the NHL from freewheeling to a more defensive trapping style, allowing teams with little firepower to overcome offensive juggernauts. They also were the first team to establish the tradition of each player of the winning squad spending a day with the Stanley Cup. The team continued their pioneering ways during the 1999-2000 season, firing their coach and replacing him with Larry Robinson, who was the assistant. While many observers called it a panic move, the Devils won their second Stanley Cup that year.

For a couple of decades, the Devils were considered a team that division and eastern conference rivals had to keep an eye on. Between 1996-2010, the Devils won nine division championships and five conference titles, ruining the playoff aspirations of rivals on a regular basis.  

When rookie Martin Brodeur won the goaltending job from Chris Terreri during the 1995 Stanley Cup win, it signalled the start of a new defensive wall that the rest of the NHL was forced to break down. The quality of their defence combined with the presence of one of the best goalies in NHL history stymied teams, regardless of their firepower. The only knock on the Devils was a lack of scoring depth, which was usually overcome by timely scoring by forwards in the playoffs. 

While the Devils have moved on in an attempt to develop a new identity that revolves more around scoring, the team faces an uphill battle to become the same consistent winner that it was during the Brodeur and Lamoriello era of the franchise. Replacing an all-time great goaltender and one of the most ruthless GMs in the league will prove to be difficult.