Despite being one of the youngest MLB teams, the Diamondbacks have already achieved a lot of success. Established in 1998, the “D-backs” became the fastest franchise to win 100 games doing so in only their second season. In only their fourth season, they won the World Series becoming the fastest expansion team in North American pro sports to do so. In recent years however the D-backs have had a rough time repeating their initial success but fans and gamblers should be patient for a come-back! [+]

The D-Backs are looking to go all-in and achieve contender status once again.

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1999 was an historic season for the Diamondbacks as they became the fastest franchise to achieve 100 wins in only their second season also winning their first division title in the process. As of 2015, this still stands as their best record. Two years later in 2001, they won the World Series over the New York Yankees becoming the fastest expansion team to achieve the feat. 2011 was the last time the franchise made the playoffs or won the division.

The Diamondbacks ruled the NL West in their very early years but have since just been a middling team. Between 2009 to 2014 they suffered their worst stretch and finished last three times. In between those years, they have been finishing in the middle. In 2015, they were again the monkey-in-the-middle finishing third and achieving just a slight 51.3 winning percentage against their rivals.

Diamondbacks main strengths and weaknesses: thanks to some lucrative offseason shopping, the Diamondbacks have one of the most stacked teams on paper. Their pitching is one of the best now with Cy Young winner, Zack Greinke followed by all-stars, Patrick Corbin, and Shelby Miller. They also bolstered their bullpen and as far as the offense goes, Paul Goldschmidt is a stud franchise player and A.J. Pollock is an emerging all-around talent. They have very few weaknesses if any.

How far can the Diamondbacks go: another World Series for the franchise is a definite possibility. The Diamondbacks went all out and acquired a lot of elite talent especially on defense and they still have MVP candidate, Goldschmidt anchoring their batting lineup and infield. But as previous teams like the 2015 San Diego Padres proved, obtaining a lot of stars doesn’t always work and if injuries and underachievement both rear their ugly heads, the D-backs’ gamble could be all for naught and another mediocre season may happen.