Founded in 1926, the New York Rangers are one of the NHL’s original six teams and the most prominent franchise in the New York metropolitan area. However, they’re also the least successful of the NHL’s founding teams, earning four Stanley Cups in their first ninety years in the league. Lately, the team has turned around their fortunes, as New York Rangers lines reflect the consistent quality of the product that they’ve put on the ice.

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For modern New York Rangers fans, the 1994 Stanley Cup win will live on in history as the greatest, especially considering the heroics of Mark Messier. Unfortunately, the Rangers didn’t even make it to the finals again until 2014, when they lost to an insurmountable Los Angeles Kings team that took three of the games in overtime. The 1994 Stanley Cup win ended a drought that started in 1940, leaving Toronto as the only original six team with a half-century drought.

Since King Henrik took over the crease, the New York Rangers have been a dreaded divisional rival, especially for the Washington Capitals, who lost three seven game playoff series in four years to the Rangers between 2011 and 2015. For the 2014-15 season, the Rangers won the President’s trophy only to lose to the Lightning during the conference finals, marking the first time they lost a game seven at home in the history of their franchise.

The source of the Rangers recent success centres entirely on stifling, shut down defense, held together by superb coaching, teamwork, and the goaltending wizardry of Henrik Lundqvist. While they have had superb goal scorers and playmakers such as Rick Nash, Brad Richards and Martin St. Louis, the team’s identity is centred more around the solid two way play and strength down the middle characterized by Derek Stepan. The next step for the Rangers is to add scoring that doesn’t disrupt their superb defence, similar to the Chicago Blackhawks. 

In the end of the day, the Rangers only go as far as King Henrik takes them. Elite goaltenders such as Lundqvist are rare, allowing for teams to create a near-impenetrable shell that makes it nearly impossible to score. As long as Henrik remains steady, the Rangers can rebuild around him and other key contributors on a yearly basis. When betting against the Rangers, you should always consider the fact that they can shut out any opponent in the league.