Basketball is the highest scoring professional sport in North America and gives you the highest potential to make some real money betting! You have two major leagues in the NBA and it’s college basketball counterpart, the NCAA. The two combine to give you a full docket of games every single night. Things really heat up in the spring, as the NCAA hosts its basketball version of a 64 team battle royale, with their March Madness. This is a basketball better’s dream come true. [+]

Every night brings major moneymaking potential, with a ton of games every night and lots of upsets to keep things interesting. At the same time, the NBA teams really start to take things seriously, as they start to jockey for playoff positions. Only 16 of the NBA’s 30 teams will make it into the post-season, with playoff games starting in April and going until June.

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Basketball Betting Sites

Looking for a list of the best basketball betting sites in Canada? You found it! Canada offers a lot of opportunities for online betters, particularly for basketball. So choose wisely. Here are Canada’s best online sportsbooks. We’ve ranked them, based on a number of factors, including their bonus offers for Canadian betters.

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    When betting on NCAA basketball, it’s important to know that the favored team wins more often than it would in the NBA, and the odds will reflect this. So betting on the underdog can lead to some serious money. This is particularly true during March Madness. During the NCAA tournament, it’s not a question of if major upsets will happen. It’s when. Betters across the world all try to predict this year’s “Cinderella Story” and find the team that will shock the world. 

    The NBA provides slightly different action. The top end teams will win about 70-80% of their games during the regular season. They will also win about 80-90% of their home games. The bottom class of the NBA teams will likely win less than 20% of their games. 

    The NBA playoffs consist of 4 best-of-seven series to determine a champion, unlike the NCAA single game/ lose-and-go-home format. This means you’re extremely unlikely to see a major upset in the results of a series. But the underdog team can certainly win a single game, at any given time.