The NFL playoffs continue to be the most watched and most bet on games in all of North American sports. Their huge, single game format creates so much hype, interest and drama. Even with no Canadian teams in the NFL, canada loves to bet on the playoffs, and the NFL in general. A representative of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation told Metro news that from April 2013 through March 2014, $82.3 million out of about $282 million in legal, OLGC-administered sports betting was wagered on the NFL. And online numbers are even higher. At the same time, The B.C. Lottery Corporation is predicting the upcoming season will surpass the roughly $13.9 million in legal bets placed over the last season.

NFL Playoffs Betting Lines

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NFL Playoffs Betting Trends

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    How To Bet On NFL Playoffs

    The potential to make big money is there in every single NFL playoff game. In the Super Bowl alone, the underdog has won 7 of the last 10 meetings. 

    Some of the biggest upsets and bettor paydays we’ve seen in NFL playoff history include:

    • Green Bay Packers Upset Atlanta Falcons in 2010 Divisional Playoffs
    • New York Giants Upset Chicago Bears in 1934 NFL Championship Game
    • Denver Broncos Upset Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII (1998)
    • Houston Oilers Upset San Diego Chargers in 1979 Divisional Playoffs
    • Seattle Seahawks Upset Miami Dolphins in 1983 Divisional Playoffs
    • Minnesota Vikings Upset San Francisco 49ers in 1987 Divisional Playoffs
    • Jacksonville Jaguars Upset Denver Broncos 1996 Divisional Round
    • Seattle Seahawks Upset Super Bowl Champs Saints in 2010 Wild Card
    • New York Giants Upset New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII
    • New York Jets Upset Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III

    Many betting experts say you will have more long term success betting on the underdog (strategically, of course), versus trying to win riding the favoured teams. This, of course, means using a multi bet system, versus betting big on a one-of. 

    Experts also say to never bet on a road team with a struggling quarterback. A superstar QB can put his team on his back and win on any night, on any field. But that’s what makes them superstars. A second tier guy is going to struggle more, and you don’t want your money going down with him. You’re better off betting on a strong defence at home. Good D is that much better with the home crowd noise screaming behind it. And that takes the pressure off the offence.