Established in 1930, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have appeared in the most Grey Cup title games with 24 and have won the third most titles with ten. They have however, fallen on difficult times and have the longest Grey Cup drought of any active franchise and have lost all five of their appearances. They have some of the best fans in the league and share an intense rivalry with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Only the most hardcore Bombers fans will blindly bet on them every time but sharp bettors may find some value on them.

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The Blue Bombers won their first Grey Cup in 1935 and marked the first time a team from Western Canada won a Grey Cup. This was also the year they got their official moniker. Since that glorious moment however, the Bombers have struggled. 2003 is the last time they have stringed together two consecutive winning seasons and 2011 is the last time they have made the playoffs. With the addition of the Ottawa Redblacks in 2014, the Bombers moved to the western division.

The Bombers remarkably are competitive against their division rivals despite their losing records. They particularly play their rivals, the Roughriders close. They manage to pull off upsets even against perennial contenders like the Stampeders or Eskimos but it is also not uncommon for them to lose in ugly fashion.

The main weakness of the Bombers as a franchise is their inconsistency in the front office. Not only are they constantly hampered by injuries but they have a lot of roster changes nearly every season making it hard for coaches and players to develop a consistent winning formula. Quarterback Drew Willy was also having a fantastic season in 2015 but was derailed by injuries. If they finally have found the right team, there is no telling what they can achieve.

The health of Drew Willy and offensive line play will be huge factors in determining if the Bombers finally make the postseason again or return to the basement. Willy was hit often last season resulting in his injury and the offense finished last by a sizable margin. The franchise keeps turning things over and it’s hard to develop chemistry this way but as the Ottawa Redblacks have proven, a complete turnaround is not impossible.