The Eastern Conference of the CFL is the smaller of the two with an even four teams. Three of those four teams, the Argonauts, Tiger-Cats and Redblacks all play in the same province of Ontario and have that regional rivalry. As shown in 2015, the three teams competed evenly against each other and was an example of how competitive the conference is. The Alouettes were once the conference’s premiere team but are now in rebuilding mode following plenty of roster and management changes. Keep locked in on the progress of these four teams as their betting lines will surely keep switching as the season progresses.

CFL Eastern Conference Betting Lines

Get the latest on the East’s games here. The start time and money line odds are posted. The widget will also show future or previous week’s games by clicking on the week numbers above the games. 

Results / Fixtures

CFL Eastern Conference Standings

You can view the progress of all four Eastern Conference teams here along with how the Western Conference teams are doing as well. Use this table with the schedule widget above to gain insight on where teams are headed and how they are progressing.


How To Bet On CFL Eastern Conference

Betting on the CFL takes place in various sportsbooks but check to see which ones offer the best odds and most quantity of types of bets you can make. The CFL’s Eastern Conference is a very uneven conference with plenty of upset potential as the teams are generally evenly matched. Money line odds may be closer than expected despite the disparity in records.

for a while, the Eastern conference was significantly weaker than the west with most of the teams being subpar .500 teams or worse. In 2015 however, the tides turned when the Redblacks and Tiger-Cats turned themselves into legitimate powerhouses. Keep an eye out on how the East continues to contend especially against their western rivals but don’t be lured if oddsmakers overvalue newly resurgent teams.

the Redblacks were a Cinderella story in 2015 and made many underdog bettors proud but don’t be reckless in assuming last season’s worst teams will make a turnaround like they did. Even at large returns, making a bet on a losing team isn’t advisable but with the right research and timing you might just snipe a good underdog in a conference that will surely have many especially when it’s against the elite of the Western Conference.

there was a time when the Montreal Alouettes ruled the Eastern Conference like a dictator but since their great quarterback, Anthony Cavillo’s exit they have been left to pick up the pieces. Now it’s anyone’s guess as to who will establish supremacy in a conference where standings shift all the time. There is no “safe” bet here but due diligence on matchup-based statistics and trends may just help you turn in some profit.