As one of the original six teams of the National Hockey League, the Boston Bruins have a considerable history that few other teams are able to match. The tradition of Boston Bruins lines started in 1924, when they became the first American team in the NHL. While the team did go through a long period of struggles, the Bruins emerged as an eastern conference power early in the decade, pulling off some impressive results.

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The Bruins went through a lengthy drought without a Stanley Cup after the Bobby Orr era, finally breaking through for the 2010-11 season, ending nearly four consecutive decades of losing. This triggered riots in Vancouver, after the Canucks lost the last two games in the series to bow out at home in game seven. Since then, the Bruins managed to maintain their high level of play, earning a President’s Trophy in 2013-14 and returning to the finals in 2012-13.

The Bruins often perform well within their division and conference, even through stiff competition has seen the team miss the playoffs despite posting a winning percentage of .585 at the end of the 2015 regular season. Few teams in the eastern conference are as hated as the Bruins, who have developed a particularly intense rivalry with the Montreal Canadians. Other than Montreal, eastern conference teams don’t look forward to dealing with the Bruins in the playoffs.

While Boston does feature top flight forwards capable of dominating opposing defenses, the strength of the Bruins is sourced from the play that they receive from their defence and goaltending. Part of the reason that Boston is detested is the fact that they have pilfered top goaltenders and defencemen from eastern rivals, in particular Canadian teams like Ottawa and Toronto. Their physical, defensive edge does come with the drawback of lacking discipline, allowing opposing teams to distract them from winning.

It’s never wise to count the modern Bruins out of any situation, as they’ve proven over and over that they’re able to overcome even the most difficult obstacles in the past. Their first Stanley Cup in nearly four decades was as underdogs to a powerful Vancouver Canucks team. They also managed to come back from a four goal deficit in the final period of an elimination game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, eventually winning game seven in overtime.