Dating all the way back to 1876 the National League is the older of the two major leagues. Despite the head start the NL falls behind the American League having only won 42% of the World Series. The main difference between the two leagues is that NL still has the pitcher bat. This produces far more pinch hitting and double switch situations than in the AL. It also means that scoring is generally lower in the Senior Circuit.

National League Betting Lines

For all the upcoming matchups across the National League and for the NL teams involved in interleague play check out the widget below. Have a look at the latest odds to wager on the game or games of your choice.

Results / Fixtures

National League Standings

The NL standings can change nightly over the course of the long season. Check here on this widget here to see where your favourite teams stack up in the divisional and wild card races.


How To Bet On MLB National League

Just like in the American League odds are usually providing by a money line. For example if the Washington Nationals are favourites in a game against the Cincinnati Reds, the Nationals will have a negative line and the Reds will have a positive one. If Houston is at -190 and Seattle is at +190 you would have to wager $190 on the Nats to win $100 and $100 on the Reds to win $190. Money lines are routinely used for action on single games and series wagers. 

The pitcher batting almost always puts at least one weak bat in the lineup in National League play. As a result scoring is down in the NL. That’s not to say a pitcher can’t occasionally make a difference in a game at the plate as well as on the mound, but it is rare and as a result NL games usually have a lower number for over/under bets and when playing the spread. Given the premium placed on pitching in the NL, it's always good to have a look at the pitcher matchup when doing your wagering research. That’s not to say it’s all soccer-type scores in the NL. There are many  big hitters who can go deep on a regular basis.     

While the St Louis Cardinals have been the model franchise in the NL for a generation there are plenty of teams to follow across the National League. The San Francisco Giants have almost matched the Cardinals in recent years with their consistency and championships. The Los Angeles Dodgers are figuring out out to properly spend their big budget to compete with their California rivals up the coast in San Fran. There is also plenty of action on the east coast as young talent abounds on the rosters of the Nationals and the New York Mets. However you choose to play when you wager it's available across the National League.