The FIFA World Cup, known as the “World Cup”, is the most prestigious and widely watched sporting event on the planet (even over the Oympic Games). Held every four years since 1930 (except 1942 and 1946 due to World War II), the tournament is played between nations part of FIFA, soccer’s global governing body. The tournament is contested between 32 teams in eight groups of four with 16 (top two from each group) advancing to the knockout stages. The tournament is often ripe with upsets and feel-good stories and both fans and gamblers alike ecstatically throw down their wagers to get some piece of the action. 

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Betting on the World Cup can get a bit hectic as it is the most watched sport on the planet. Finding a sportsbook that offers the best odds and most options is necessary and we help you with that above. Playing the money line can be tricky even when faced with seemingly obvious games like a powerhouse team facing a second-rate team. Be sure to do your research and bookmark this page for help.

soccer is a global sport but when it comes to competition, only European and South American teams have dominated. Since the first tournament in 1930, only teams from the two continents have won the World Cup with Europe taking the gold 11 times and South America, nine times. The other regions were shut out from the podium entirely and only South Korea in 2002 came close by finishing 4th overall. As a result, the betting odds will generally favour teams from the two regions especially against teams outside these continents.

The World Cup can be very unpredictable especially in the group stages. It isn’t uncommon for a touted nation to get bounced early and the key is to back teams who have a proven track record of consistency not just hype. Germany, for instance has always progressed beyond the group stage since 1982. Even mid-level teams like Mexico find consistency as they have steadily made the knockout stage since 1994.

Upsets and dramatic underdog runs are what make tournaments like the World Cup really memorable. But looking for these special teams boils down to a combination of intensive research and luck. Some special underdogs who pulled off magnificent runs include Cameroon in 1990, Bulgaria in 1994 and South Korea in 2002. Looking for undervalued teams who have dealt with off-field issues like injuries and management issues may also be a good way to find nice betting options.