The Baltimore Orioles are one of the eight charter teams established when the MLB first became a major league in 1901. The franchise began as the Milwaukee Brewers but moved to St. Louis in 1902 and eventually became the Orioles in 1954. The “O’s” play in the AL East and have the second most World Series appearances (5) and division championships (9) with their most recent coming in 2014. They play at the iconic Camden Yards, one of the first “retro” major league ballparks constructed during the 1990s. [+]

After over a decade of futility, the Orioles are starting to turn things around much to their fans’ and bettors’ delights.

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1966 to 1983 marks the franchise’s golden years where they made all six of their World Series appearances and won three. They have the longest World Series drought in the division although 2011 was the last time the O’s have had a losing record. They won the division in 2014 and finished the season with 96 wins, their best since 1997, which was the last time they made the playoffs before their franchise-worst 14-year playoff drought after moving to Baltimore in 1954.

the Orioles remain relevant in the ultra-competitive AL East. So long as they have their powerful offense, they will be a threat in a division where offensive fireworks are the norm. The Orioles usually play their division as close as their overall record. In 2015, the Orioles finished with an even record and were slightly better against the AL East.

The O’s boast some of the most powerful bats in the division. The Orioles resigned two-time homerun champion, Chris Davis and acquired all-star offensive talents, Mark Trumbo, and Pedro Alvarez. Their pitching is an issue however. Despite signing Yovani Gallardo, the loss of Wei-Yin Chen leaves the O’s with a thin starting rotation. In a division full of potent offenses, the Orioles will rely heavily on their bats and all-around skills of Adam Jones and Manny Machado to get them through.

In the constantly shifting AL East, the Orioles managed to finish right in the middle in 2015. With the offensive additions, the O’s will constantly be a threat but it all depends how well their pitching and defense delivers. Best case scenario, the Orioles’ high-profile additions all deliver and the pitching manages as the O’s return to a top-two finish and potential division championship again.