Online NBA Playoffs Betting

After a gruelling 82-game regular season, the NBA playoffs are where the stars come to shine. Superstar vs. Superstar might be the media’s focus coming into a new playoff series, but don’t be surprised if you see an unsung hero step up for a team to push them through to the next round or title. Guys like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry will always be able to produce in the post-season, but if they don’t get help from their teammates, they’ll end up finishing their year early. [+]

LeBron James has made a habit of dominating in the playoffs as he’s personally been to the NBA Finals five straight times entering the 2015-16 season. Serious and casual bettors alike know this and that’s why you’ll always find LeBron’s team as one of the favorites to win it all when you look at online NBA playoffs betting lines offered at sportsbooks.

NBA Playoffs Betting Lines

NBA playoffs betting lines offer a different dynamic than the ones you see during the regular season. It’s a seven-game series between the same two opponents and that alone brings many ups and downs. Current NBA playoff betting lines can be found below.

playoff - Matchday 3
Match day
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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 22 April
FT Milwaukee Bucks 127 - 104 Detroit Pistons -833 +650
FT Houston Rockets 91 - 107 Utah Jazz -128 +121
Tuesday 23 April
FT Orlando Magic 96 - 115 Toronto Raptors +575 -667
FT Brooklyn Nets 100 - 122 Philadelphia 76ers +320 -370
FT San Antonio Spurs 90 - 108 Denver Nuggets +194 -208
FT Thunder 115 - 118 Blazers +166 -175
Wednesday 24 April
FT Utah Jazz 93 - 100 Houston Rockets +340 -370
FT L.A. Clippers 129 - 121 Warriors +1125 -1667
Thursday 25 April
FT Denver Nuggets 103 - 120 San Antonio Spurs +133 -145
Friday 26 April
FT Warriors 129 - 110 L.A. Clippers -556 +510
Saturday 27 April
FT Philadelphia 76ers 95 - 108 Toronto Raptors +235 -256
FT San Antonio Spurs 86 - 90 Denver Nuggets +235 -244
Sunday 28 April
Boston Celtics 13:00 Milwaukee Bucks +275 -303
Houston Rockets 15:30 Warriors +195 -217

NBA Playoffs Online Betting Trends

Finding the best NBA playoffs online betting sites out there can really help your bankrolls bottom line. While the point spreads are often very similar, being able to save a half-point here or five cents on the dollar there adds up over the long haul. We’ve listed some of the better sportsbooks for Canadian bettors below and it’s best to navigate through them before you decide which ones you want to keep in your repetoire.

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How To Bet On NBA Playoffs

Strategy-wise, the NBA playoffs brings that series dynamic into play for bettors and it’s always something to consider. Many bettors still like to put their initial leans with the “zig-zag” theory (take the team that lost ATS the last game to win ATS in the next one) and it applies to point spreads and totals.

Another situation to be aware of in the playoffs is the game after a blowout win. When a team gets run off the court and loses by 15+, they are often a great point spread bet the next game for multiple reasons. The first being that there will be value in the number as the average bettor will remember that last blowout loss and think a similar thing will happen.

Second, all these players are professional athletes and getting embarrassed like that hurts the ego. Those guys get another crack at that opponent a day or two later and you’d better believe they will do everything they can to put their best game out there.

This is just one scenario to look out for during the always entertaining NBA playoffs, and hopefully with some research and hard work, your NBA playoffs betting bankroll will turn a profit each season.