The Red River Rivalry. The Biggest Cocktail Party on Earth. The Game. College Football has a special place in American sports and in online sports betting. Beginning in early September and ending right before the Pro Football playoffs normally begin in early January, NCAA Football offers lots of games, sexy point spreads and the ability for sports bettors to watch the public reaction during the week before putting down coin. [+]

College Football is the second most popular betting sport in the United States, and increasingly in Canada. With 12 Major conferences including several “Power House” conferences, every single one of the players you watch on Sunday in the NFL played in the NCAA, so the level of competition is high. Canadian sports bettors increasingly are getting in on the insanity through online sportsbooks. While the loyalty to teams is not the same for us up North in College Football, the potential payouts can be the same.

NCAA Football Betting Lines

The NCAAF regular season begins almost as soon as classes start-up in the fall (usually the first Saturday in September). The rankings in College Football take many factors into consideration, including opponents, so few teams will have a “cake walk” of a season. Many NCAAF bettors will usually pick their spots in the regular season, so the term “stay away” game is quite common. Do your research and trust your gut during the regular season and you’ll be well set for Bowl season.

NCAA Football Betting Trends

The list below of online sportsbooks all do justice to NCAA Football betting – with great lines, betting options and Live Betting – and are available for new Canadian members.

    How To Bet On NCAA Football

    As all NFL players have had to first play in College Football, the level of competition throughout the NCAAF is intense, and if there’s one thing sports bettors in Canada like it’s intensity. Sure, each week there will be a few “creampuff” games not worth your attention, but there’s always a few to make your guys go wide and think “ooooh, I want to bet on that one”. Online sportsbooks are more than happy to cater to the sports betting public. Little wonder then that NCAAF Football is the second most popular betting sport next to NFL Football.

    The lion’s share of online sportsbooks available to Canadian customers will differ very little in their lines offered for most major NCAA Football games, however, all it takes is one little budge of 0.5 points to make the difference between winning and losing. Each of the sportsbooks below does NCAA Football right, with a wide variety of straight bets, totals, parlays, if bets and more.

    Winning a Conference Championship in NCAA College Football can mean the difference between playing in the Bowl and playing for a BCS title. With so much on the line for each game, a top ranked contender needs to first take care of its own conference before dreaming of winning the big one. In recent years betting lines for games that decide the conference titles in NCAA Football have been agonizingly close in the Major programs, while laughably high in relatively newer conferences. 

    Unlike other sports, there is no true playoff for NCAA Football conference titles, so towards the end of the regular season you’ll need to do your homework and look for big inter-conference games. These games will generate a fair amount of betting action, so look out for inflated lines. Check out our list above of sportsbooks offering great NCAA Football odds.