With the Denver Nuggets always having an inherent home court advantage based on the thin air they play in, you will always see the Nuggets build their team around speed and scoring. The Nuggets prefer to run their opponents to fatigue and take over from there, but one can always argue with the success of that strategy long-term. The NBA has shifted to a smaller, faster game, which should suit the Nuggets style, they’ve just got to put together the proper pieces to build a winner. [+]

With that thin air always a factor, Denver Nuggets lines tend to have some intrigue. Situational analysis is big for Nuggets home games with teams visiting as part of a road trip and it can take more than just simple statistical analysis for NBA bettors to find plenty of success betting on or against the Nuggets.

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Knowing what the moneyline odds for the Denver Nuggets next game is the best place to start. Below, you will find those odds listed and it will update after the game with the final result.

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Denver Nuggets scores tend to be on the higher end of things with their style of play. View this season’s full Denver Nuggets schedule and results below to help you better predict their next affair.

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With the uptempo style and not being known for their defence, you often won’t find the Denver Nuggets standings position in the top-two. This year’s standings chart below will tell you how well the Nuggets are doing this year.


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Denver has always preferred that “run-and-gun” style of play because of their home court situation. The problem with that style of play though is the idea that if you don’t have one of the top players in the league leading the way for you, winning games can be tough when the shots aren’t falling. The Nuggets rode a young Carmelo Anthony for years to playoff appearances and one deep run, but eventually he left town because of frustration around the lack of help and the lack of success.

It’s one thing to be a consistent playoff team, but it’s another thing when nine of your last 10 trips to the playoffs have ended in first round defeats. That’s the results that are staring the Nuggets in the face at the start of each season, and some smart analysts would attribute those results to their ingrained style of play. Scoring gets tougher in the playoffs and defensive deficiencies are magnified and exposed.

Betting-wise that information is valuable though because it typically means you will see higher scores in Denver home games (good for “over” bettors), and that strong defensive opponents will not fear the thin air in attempting to shut the Nuggets down. Going into every year those are two things to keep in mind when you are navigating through Denver Nuggets betting lines.