The FedEx Forum where the Memphis Grizzlies play has come to be known as the “Grindhouse” for the physical, defensive brand of basketball the Grizzlies prefer to play. That style has brought Memphis quite a bit of success in recent years, but their inability to score consistently tends to be the Grizzlies downfall come playoff time. They made the playoffs for six consecutive seasons beginning in 2010-11, but until they find that dominate scorer they can go to in crunch time, getting over that hump. [+]

The NBA Finals may be nothing more than a pipe dream. Yet, Memphis Grizzlies lines still get plenty of support from bettors throughout the season because their defensive style is proven to produce winning results in the regular season.

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Defensive-minded basketball typically means that Memphis Grizzlies scores usually have both teams finishing with less than 100 points. Track Memphis’ full schedule and results below.

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With the NBA as a whole shifting to smaller, quicker players that can score, the Grizzlies have been playing “throwback” basketball with their defensive brand of physicality. It’s a welcome change from a viewing standpoint as that brand of basketball has its own merits, but in the Grizzlies case it always seems to end in a similar fashion; they can’t keep up with the elite of the elite.

Failing to get over the hump after three straight playoff appearances ending in the second round or sooner cost Dave Joerger his job after the 15-16 campaign. He was another one in a long list of defensive coaches that have led this team and management finally decided that they’ve got to get a shift in philosophies and become more offensive-minded. It’s not like Memphis doesn’t have talented guys that can score on their roster – Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph – but the philosophy the team has used has really hampered their offensive production.

This is information that bettors have to keep in the back of their mind as it’s one of those things that can be used to gain an edge over the oddsmakers. Perception vs reality still plays a big part on the sports betting landscape and it’s definitely going to take a lot of time before the perspective that Memphis is a defence-first, “grindhouse,” team will change. Those within the organization know that needs to change and bettors should expect this team to be much more offensive over the next few seasons and now “overs” for Memphis Grizzlies lines on totals should become a more attractive betting option.