Chicago Bulls fans still long for the days of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as they’ve not been to the NBA Finals since those players left town. That’s not to say there haven’t been some successful seasons for Chicago as the 2015-16 season was the first time in eight years that they failed to make the post-season. Getting Derrick Rose with the #1 overall pick the year before that run started helped, but Rose’s health has been a huge concern throughout his NBA career and the Bulls are at a bit of a crossroads going forward. [+]

Chicago is still a very popular team in the NBA though and that means plenty of Bulls fans head to sportsbooks each year to get in on the action. Chicago Bulls lines are offered at every sportsbook and can be a very popular bet; especially when the Bulls find themselves on national television.

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With the 15-16 season being the first in nearly a decade that Chicago missed the playoffs, you’ll usually find Chicago Bulls near the top of the standings. The chart below will tell you where they currently sit this year.


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2015-16 was a rough year for the Bulls on many fronts as they battled numerous injuries and struggled to establish a definite identity under new coach Fred Hoiberg. Hoiberg came from the college game and prefers to have his teams play up-tempo, run-and-gun basketball and that style didn’t exactly suit the Bulls personnel.

The best thing Chicago can take from a non-playoff year is the fact that Jimmy Butler blossomed into a superstar during the campaign and should be the face of the franchise going forward. Butler came into the league as a stout defender, but his offensive game has improved dramatically the past two seasons and he’s become their best option in offensive sets. If Rose can find a way to stay healthy, these two guys should make a dynamic 1-2 punch.

From a betting perspective, the 36-46 ATS record the Bulls posted in 15-16 (tied for worst in NBA) should be taken as a small anomaly. This organization has too much talent on their roster not to make a big improvement as they become more acquainted to Hoiberg’s system. Chicago should be a team every NBA bettor should consider following closely the next few years as they will climb back up the standings – as long as they stay healthy – and will cover many spreads and moneylines along the way.