The Chargers have one of the more sporadic histories in all of the NFL. They have won 18 division championships over the years and a conference championship, but have never won a Super Bowl.In fact, they have been bad far more often than they have been good, they have only made the playoffs 7 times over the last 20 years. Most of that was during a rare 4 straight years they made the playoffs in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. Prior to that, they hadn’t made consecutive appearances since 1979-81, and have not done it since.  [+]

They have seen a number of Hall of Fame names join their ranks over the years. This includes Lance Alworth, Ron Mix, Johnny Unitas, Deacon Jones, Sid Gillman, John Mackey, Dan Fouts, Larry Little, Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner, Fred Dean and Junior Seau.

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Key dates in the team history. January 29, 1995: The sole Super Bowl appearance for the Chargers, losing in a blowout to the 49ers, 49-26. They have not been that close in some time. 

How strong is the team within its division/conference? Not terribly strong. This team made a return to the playoffs in 2013, but has not been back since then. They have been a perennial also-ran team in their division for years, and can’t seem to ever build a nucleus or momentum for the future. 

What are the team’s main strengths vs weaknesses? Health has been a weakness lately. The team was crushed by injuries last year, but even when healthy, they aren’t a lock for the playoffs. 

How far does the team usually go in the league? You can expect another missed post-season for the Chargers this year. At full-strength, this team lacks the man-power to compete in their division, or make the playoffs.