The Milwaukee Brewers were established in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots, an American League expansion team. But only after one season, they relocated to Milwaukee to become the Brewers. They moved to the National League in 1998. The Brewers have made the World Series once in a losing effort to their now-division rival, the St. Louis Cardinals. Their name comes from the city’s association with the brewing industry and likewise, they play in the Miller Brewing Company-sponsored park, Miller Park. [+]

Bettors look to the Brewers as an affordable betting option as they continue to rebuild for another playoff run.

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The Brewers made their first postseason trip in the strike-shortened 1981 season and lost to the New York Yankees. A year later, they made their first and only World Series appearance in a seven-game heartbreaker against the St. Louis Cardinals. They’d return to the playoffs in 2008 after a 26-year absence and again in 2011, which marks their first NL Central division title and last playoff appearance as of 2015.

Since moving to the NL Central in 1994, the Brewers have rarely ever been a factor. They have one division title and a wild card berth but have generally been a third or fourth place team. In 2015, they didn’t finish last thanks to an historically bad year for the Cincinnati Reds. They however fared the worst in division contests with a 40.8 winning percent but still managed to have winning records against the Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates. They were manhandled by the Chicago Cubs and Cardinals on the flipside.

It’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly the Brewers are good at. What they’ve assembled is a ragtag group of former prospects and journeymen hoping that some of them will realize their potential. Their offense can still manage as Ryan Braun is still an all-star and Jonathan Lucroy can have a bounce back year but their pitching staff remains dubious for the most part.

The postseason seems like a faraway distant dream for this Brewers team but stranger things have happened. At best, the assortment of pickups the Brewers took overachieve and show flashes while Braun and Lucroy continue to crack dingers and the pitching holds up. Even when all that happens, getting anywhere past third place is asking for quite a lot in the killer NL Central.