The New York Knicks are one of the most storied franchises in the NBA but sadly that reputation comes more from where they play and not from winning. The Knicks only have two championships banners hanging in their rafters, the last of which came in 1973. Recently, the Knicks have become one of the laughing stocks of the league, perpetually trying to rebuild amidst gross overpaying of sub-par players and other managerial errors. [+]

Bringing in a proven winner like Phil Jackson in 2013 was to turn the team around in a hurry, but it’s been anything but. Yet, New York Knicks lines at sportsbooks are still ones that are heavily looked at by NBA bettors.

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Given the market the Knicks play in, and the money this organization has to spend on talent, one would expect New York to be a perennial contender in the Eastern Conference. They were able to sign All-Star Carmelo Anthony in 2010 in an attempt to become relevant again, but management failed to surround him with the complementary pieces he needs. Thankfully for Knicks fans Carmelo loves the city and stayed through all these tough times, but he isn’t getting any younger. Phil Jackson and company better make some shrewd roster moves in the foreseeable future.

The Knicks have only made the playoffs five times since the turn of the century, and only once were they able to get out of the first round. That’s a far cry from the level of success this organization and their fans would deem acceptable, but NBA bettors have picked up on that and consistently bet against New York each year on the moneyline and point spread.

The 2015-16 season did see some changes in that regard as the Knicks, despite their 32-50 straight up (SU) record, finished with a 44-38 against the spread record; good for a tie for 5th best in the league. Rookie Kristaps Porzingis arrived with a bang into this league and he might be that complementary piece Carmelo has been yearning for.

Going forward, the Knicks are always an interesting team to watch in the off-season as they could flip their fortunes with roster moves that “hit” in a heartbeat. They’ve got plenty of money to do that, but until the decision-makers in management make some good moves, bettors may have to hold their breath more then they’d want to when backing the Knicks.