Since reacquiring hometown superstar LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been the toast of the Eastern Conference, dominating in the regular season and playoffs. The ultimate goal is still bringing the city of Cleveland it’s first professional sports championship since the 1960’s, but as long as Cleveland has LeBron, they’ll have a great chance at doing so. LeBron’s return ignited the “Big 3” era in Cleveland with him, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving. [+]

Any of those guys can carry the Cavs to a victory on any given night and they are a big reason why bettors love to back Cleveland Cavaliers lines.

Cleveland Cavaliers Next Game

Finding the moneyline odds for the Cleveland Cavaliers next game is easy. The odds are listed below and are there to help you handicap Cleveland’s next contest.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Score

With a record of 110-54 in two regular seasons since LeBron’s return, you’ll often find the Cavaliers score to be a winning one. Check their results and schedule in the chart below.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Standings

The dawn of the “Big 3” era in Cleveland means that the Cavaliers place in the standings is usually among the best. View the box below to see if that’s the case again this year.


Cleveland Cavaliers Record

LeBron was drafted by the Cavs when he entered the league and could never get his team to raise an NBA Championship trophy in his first go-around. At the time he was still a young superstar in the league and he never really had a tremendous supporting cast around him. James was fed up and went to Miami for four years to chase championships – winning two – with Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh at his side.

James was instrumental in bringing Love to the Cavs, as he and the Cavs try to duplicate the success LeBron had with Miami. Along with #1 overall draft pick Kyrie Irving, this Cavs team has been dominate, especially when healthy, and even made a run to the NBA Finals in 14-15. Bettors understand that wherever LeBron James goes, winning will follow, and it’s why many bettors have no problem backing Cleveland throughout the year.

Yet, winning outright and covering the spread are two VERY different things in the betting world and LeBron’s teams have never been great against the spread. They finished 1st in the Eastern Conference in the 15-16 regular season, but sported just the 23rd best ATS record in the league at 37-42-3. A big part of that is because oddsmakers know to inflate the Cavaliers betting lines by a point or two, knowing that Cleveland will receive plenty of betting support regardless.

That idea won’t change in the coming years, and successful bettors know when to pick their spots on backing Cleveland. Understanding when the point spread may look a little steep, or the situation (three games in four nights, end of a long road trip, etc) isn’t a good one for the Cavs can go a long way in preserving and growing your betting bankroll.