The Seattle Sounders are one of the newest titans of the league, with their first season in Major League Soccer starting in 2009. They’ve made the playoffs in every year since, consistently in contention for the MLS Cup, despite competing in the tough, deep western conference. Seattle Sounders lines tend to list them as favorites more often than not, which is rare for an expansion franchise early on in their history. [+]

If the franchise continues their winning ways, they might be able to displace the Galaxy as the best franchise in the MLS.

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The Seattle Sounders have produced a surprising amount of success for a franchise team, qualifying for the MLS playoffs every single year since their inaugural campaign in 2009. Seattle’s been a soccer city for decades, with the Sounders competing in a few pro leagues which existed before the MLS. After securing rights to league play, they moved into CenturyLink Field, finishing first in attendance annually since their inception. Seattle fans have set attendance records for MLS action, boosting the Sounders through boisterous support.

Similar to the Houston Dynamo, who won two MLS Cups to begin their history, Seattle burst onto the North American pro scene by winning the U.S. Open Cup three times in their first three years.

They also won the Lamar Hunt trophy in 2014, finished as semi-finalists in the CONCACAF Champions League in 2012 and have never been knocked out in the first round of the MLS playoffs. Compared to rivals like Vancouver, the Sounders have managed to make the most out of their time in the MLS. Stability and at the leadership level of the franchise provides the base for the Sounders ability to rise instantly to a perennial contender.

Ownership has created a culture of accountability since the beginning, including the Sounder FC Alliance supporters group, which has a direct vote on club issues such as the status of general managers or coaches. The Alliance was created by Drew Carey, who also serves as chairman and minority owner of the club, proving that the entire organization remains invested in the process of winning. Barring catastrophe, over the next few years, the Seattle Sounders should continue to be western conference favorites during most of their matchups…

Especially for games on their home pitch. Fans of MLS betting should consider this side as a safe investment for many wagering scenarios.