The San Francisco Giants are one of the longest-established and most successful franchises in all of baseball. Founded in 1883 as the first major league New York City team, the New York Gothams, the franchise has appeared in 20 World Series and has won 23 NL pennants, both National League records. Their eight World Series titles are second most in the NL and tied for fourth most overall. They have an historic rivalry with the Dodgers beginning when both still played in New York. [+]

As the winningest franchise in baseball, the Giants attract a lot of fans and a lot of gamblers.

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In 1904, the New York Giants were to play in the second World Series but cancelled the event when they refused to play the Boston Americans. They won their first World Series the following year in 1905. They relocated to San Francisco in 1958 and lost their first three World Series as a city but eventually broke through in 2010. They won the championship again in 2012 and 2014, their most recent ones.

The Giants have the second most NL West division titles with eight and are in a constant rivalry with the Los Angeles Dodgers for supremacy over the division. The two have one of the most storied rivalries spanning over 2,400 games, which the Giants hold a very slight lead over. In 2015, they only managed to win half their division games but still found a winning record against the Dodgers.

The Giants’ main strength or weakness hinges upon how good their new pitching rotation is. They lost Mike Leake but acquired aces in Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija, who had up-and-down seasons in 2015. Provided the two of them return to their elite form, combining them with World Series MVP, Madison Bumgarner spells trouble for everyone. The batting lineup also gets an upgrade with the addition of Denard Span as leadoff.

In even years, the Giants are destined to win the World Series. But regardless of what year it is, they boast some of the most balanced lineups with plenty of star power to carry them through the postseason should they get there. They’ll have to overcome the Dodgers and other rising contenders like the Arizona Diamondbacks and it’ll be tough but at least a wild card berth is a very doable scenario.