The Bolts have survived a rocky road to respectability, which included ownership that was potentially linked to the Yakuza, and a scouting squad that consisted of Tony Esposito and satellite television. Currently, Tampa Bay Lightning lines show that they’ve grown into one of the most competitive and respected franchises in the National Hockey League, threatening to win the Stanley Cup more often than not.

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It took quite a long time for the Tampa Bay Lightning to gain a competitive foothold in the NHL, but the turning point took place when the team was sold to its current ownership in 1999, helping to stabilize all aspects of operations. The stars that they amassed through the draft developed rapidly, bolstered by all-star goaltending that lead them to their first division title in 2002-03. The next year, they went all the way to win the Stanley Cup. Recently, the team won a conference championship in 2014-15.

This team has proven to be one of the most resilient squads in the eastern conference, overcoming serious injury problems and other hurdle to consistently compete for the cup. The rise to perennial respectability has made the Lightning one of the toughest squads in the NHL, as opponents dreading facing them in the playoffs. 

While Steven Stamkos is one of the finest players in the NHL, his presence is made more forceful by the unexpected rise of rookies who came out of nowhere to provide some of the most potent secondary scoring in the league. This, combined with one of the sturdiest blue lines in the league, has resulted in a squad that takes on the winning characteristics of Steve Yzerman, their stalwart GM. The injury bug has been their only weakness as of late, decimating their squad with unfortunate circumstances that they nevertheless overcame. 

Since the change in ownership, the Lightning have managed to transition smoothly from one era to the next, making them touted competitors for over a decade. However, with Steve Stamkos’ free agency looming large over the franchise, there’s a good chance that the team will have to somehow compensate for the loss of their Captain and best player, throwing their immediate future into doubt.