The Dallas Stars ascended from Minnesota in 1993, 26 years after the North Stars became one of the first group of expansion teams in the National Hockey League. Hockey became popular rather quickly in sports-crazy Dallas, partially because the fans were exposed to quick success by a team that has never been out of contention for long periods of time. As a result, Dallas Starts lines have been among the steadiest in the western conference since they landed in the Lone Star State.

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Although the North Stars did manage to make the Stanley Cup finals before moving from Minnesota to Dallas, the team thrived the moment they relocated they moved south, earning a franchise-best 97 points during their first year in the state of Texas. The team would take its first Stanley Cup in the 1998-99 season, winning on a controversial game six overtime goal in which Brett Hull bent the rules by scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal with his foot in the crease.

During the first decade in Dallas, the team earned two Presidents Trophies and six division championships, visiting the finals twice. During this time, the team was feared throughout the conference, going deep in the playoffs on a regular basis. After a brief downturn, the Bruins gave them Tyler Seguin in a controversial trade reminiscent of when Boston gave up Thornton for little in return. This has caused the Stars to rebuild quicker than expected, earning their first division championship in a decade during the 2015-16 season.

Since the Seguin trade, the Dallas Stars became one of the most powerful offensive teams in the league, pairing with Jaime Benn to create one of the deadliest duos in the NHL. They also brought in veteran scorers to create a strong secondary scoring presence. Comparatively, the defence isn’t as strong as their frontline, partially because of inexperience.

Now that the Stars are set up with elite forwards and savvy vets, the team has solidified their presence as a top contender in the western conference. The new version of the team has yet to make a deep run into the Stanley Cup playoffs, but after three seasons of consistent play, it appears that they will have a great chance of finally earning their second ring.