The Miami Heat have had the most success of any Eastern Conference team the past decade-plus, winning three NBA Championships and making the Finals five times. Four of those Finals appearances came in consecutive years when LeBron James was in town, but the one main constant that’s been in Miami through the entire run has been Dwyane Wade. Wade brought the franchise it’s first championship (along with Shaq) back in 2006 and he’s been the guy in the post-LeBron era to keep this team at a championship level. [+]

However, the mileage on Wade’s legs is really starting to add up and it’s a big reason why Miami Heat lines will be an interesting proposition in the coming years.

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Miami enjoyed a spectacular stretch during LeBron’s four years, making it the Finals each season and capturing two titles. The organization was lucky enough to sign LeBron during the prime of his career and capitalized on it. The Miami Heat lines during that time were always some of the largest spreads out there in the league and it’s been more of a challenge for oddsmakers to put out sharp lines on Miami games since LeBron left.

Since then, the organization has had to make some difficult choices and will have to continue to do so. Miami mortgaged part of their future when they signed LeBron and were chasing championships and as of the 15-16 season it became clear that that “future” had finally arrived. They’ve got an ageing Dwyane Wade who still battles injury concerns, and Chris Bosh’s blot clot issues have many in the organization wondering if he’ll ever be able to play NBA basketball again. Those are the two guys that Miami really counted on to produce post-LeBron and they are nearing the stage where they might have to blow it all up and start from scratch.

The good news on that front is the fact that Miami has started to put pieces in place for that reality with G Goran Dragic and C Hassan Whiteside taking on bigger roles. Yet, from a betting perspective it would not be surprising to see Miami take a bit of a dive the next few years as they try to establish a new identity. The 43-38-1 ATS record they had in 15-16 is likely to go down in the next couple of seasons.