The Montreal Canadians are the New York Yankees of the NHL, appearing in nearly a third of all Stanley Cup finals, winning an astounding 24 championships. Their winning percentage during the finals is nearly .727, which means that they’ve won nearly three-quarters of their finals appearances. Established in 1909, the team is the oldest pro hockey franchise on Earth. As such, Montreal Canadians lines will always be one of the most popular plays in the NHL.

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Montreal Canadians fans remember their last Stanley Cup well, as it was one of the most incredible runs in the history of the playoffs. The 1992-93 playoffs revealed the true depth of Patrick Roy’s incredible goaltending abilities, especially in clutch situations. Only two years after that triumphant win, the team angered Roy to the point that he ended up refusing to play for Montreal any longer. Since then, the Canadians haven’t made a deep run into the post season.

Not that the Canadians haven’t been competitive as of late. In fact, they managed to draft one of the best goalies in the game, Carey Price, who developed into not only a Vezina winner, but a Hart Trophy winner as well. A goaltender of this level of quality comes across rarely, which has caused great frustration with other teams in the eastern conference. Even thought the Habs haven’t won a cup in a long while, the team is still considered a tough out when the playoffs roll around, partially because of their incredible history in the league.

This has lead to a Canadians squad which relies heavily on their defense being propped up by world-class goaltending. For the most part this works well, as evidenced by their 2014-15 division championship. Unfortunately, since they don’t have the same depth on forward positions as they do on defense, the offence hasn’t been able to compensate for times when the defense isn’t as efficient and stalwart as normal. The lack of balanced depth lead them to miss the playoffs the year after they won the 2014-15 division title.

The magical history of Les Habitants helps to fuel the franchise whenever they field a strong team in the playoffs. Due to this extensive history of performing well in the playoffs, any time they make the post season they’re considered a threat. After a down year, the Montreal Canadians will likely snap back to contention in the east as Price returns to health.