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Few things in the world have the same lasting effect as sports. Throughout generations, fans, families, and gamblers from across Canada – and the world flock to stadiums, arenas, and now thanks to the wonders of modern technology, to their laptops and smartphones. Crazed about highlights, constant updates, and game results, Canadians look here to get a complete rundown on the latest news and betting odds on all their favourite sports.

Online Sports Betting Canada

The table below shows the hottest sports Canadians are betting on right now. There are plenty of other sports to bet on but this is where all the betting action is and is thus where you will find the biggest payouts. The road to success starts right here!

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How Does Online Sports Betting Work?

The Sports

With a vast array of sports, it can be difficult to pick but it’s best to go with the sports that are: a) the most popular and receive the most betting action; and the sports you are most familiar with. The four most popular sports are hockey (NHL), basketball (NBA), football (NFL and CFL), and baseball (MLB). The NHL remains Canada’s sweetheart. Teams play 82 regular season games where the top eight teams from each conference face each other in an elimination-style tournament, the playoffs, where the winner of each conference face off in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The MLB is Canada’s summer sport and the Blue Jays make it even more popular as teams play a 162-game regular season culminating in the playoffs and the World Series.The NBA has risen in popularity since the arrival of the Toronto Raptors and has a similar seasonal format to the NHL. The NFL and CFL are American and Canadian versions of football with slight variations. The NFL regular season runs for 16 games while the CFL has 18 and the final two teams who outlast their respective sudden death playoffs play in the Super Bowl and the Grey Cup, respectively.

Types of Bets

What makes betting so fun isn’t just the thrill of winning but the many ways to do it. The three most popular bets involve the point spread, money line, and totals, with their own unique strategy. 

Point Spread

The point spread is the equivalent of a 50-50 bet. Both teams are given a certain amount of points to beat. The favoured team will have a minus number like -2.5 meaning this team must win by greater than 2.5 points to beat the spread whilst the underdog will have a +2.5 meaning they can lose by no more than 2.5 points.

Money Line

The money line is a bet where you pick the outright winner. A favourite again has a minus number indicating how much you need to invest to profit a standard $100 using American odds. A -200 favourite requires a $200 bet. The underdog has a plus number like +150 indicating how much is won on a $100 bet. In this case, $150.


Totals indicate the team totals by adding the points scored by both teams regardless of the result. The oddsmaker sets a number like 47.5 and you bet whether you think the combined score goes over or under that number.


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