The NL East welcomed the Atlanta Braves to the fold when Major League Baseball realigned in the mid-90’s and the Braves tomahawk chopped their to 11 straight division titles. Since then It briefly became the domain of the Philadelphia PhillIes who won five NL East crowns on the trot. While all that winning only produced a single World Series title for each team, the Miami Marlins can boast of two World Championships despite only making the playoffs as the NL Wild Card.

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The glory days seem a long time ago in Atlanta and Philadelphia. A little further north up the Atlantic the Mets and Nationals look to go toe-to-toe for the foreseeable future with lineups chalk full of the up and coming stars at the plate and on the mound. Check here on this widget to see where your favourite team stacks up throughout the season.


How To Bet On National League East

The stakes are always high in the NL East. It’s been the division of dynasties, but as the Marlins have shown on more than one occasion, a strong second place can get you the wild card and as many World Series titles as the division winners have combined.   

Whoever you wager on in the NL East, the odds are usually provided by a money line. For example if the Mets are favourites in a game against the Marlins, the Mets will have a negative line and the underdog Marlins will have a positive one. If New York is at -165 and Miami is at +165 you would have to wager $165 on the Mets to win $100 and $100 on the Marlins to win $165. Money lines are routinely used for action on single games and series wagers. 

The National League’s reputation for low scoring and pitching duels compared to the American League has been highlighted by life in the NL East. During the Braves divisional dynasty it was a staff of future Hall of Famers that paved to way to their success, while Philly had several aces during their run as well. The closest looking modern version of the Braves is the young staff in New York leading the Mets to the top of the NL for what could be another long run. Down in DC the Nationals know the pennant race will be an arms race and have assembled a strong staff themselves to go with one of the best young batters in all of baseball in Bryce Harper. In the NL East there’s usually a hurler or two who’s absolutely unhittable. Take a look at recent pitching performances if you’re wagering in the NL East.