Originally founded as simply “Allegheny”, the Pittsburgh Pirates went through several franchise changes before their present incarnation came about in 1912. Despite several long stretches of failure, including setting an American pro sports record of twenty consecutive losing seasons between 1993 to 2012, the Pirates have amassed plenty of achievements: five World Series titles, nine NL pennants and nine division titles. [+]

Finally shedding their status as the laughing stock of the sports world, the Pirates are legitimate contenders again and gamblers and fans alike can’t wait to get in on their action.

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The Pirates played in the first ever World Series in 1903 where they lost to the Boston Americans. They won their first World Series in 1909. In 1952, they set an MLB record for losses with 112. After winning their fifth and final World Series in 1979, the Pirates made three straight NLCS in the early 90s but began a lengthy period of futility from 1993 to 2012 where they couldn’t manage a single winning season. They have since become playoff contenders since then.

Since the NL Central was established in 1994, it was a foregone conclusion the Pirates would finish in the bottom two. They have zero division titles despite having nine as a member of the NL East. In recent years however, the Pirates have begun to turn a corner and were only a few wins away from winning the division in these seasons. In 2015, the Pirates inexplicably had a losing record against every division rival finishing with a 44.7 winning percentage.

While the other NL Central contenders made offseason improvements to their rosters, the Pirates chose to stay pat for the most part. Still, the Pirates have all-around superstar, Andrew McCutchen and added World Series MVP, David Freese. Their pitching staff once again won’t wow on paper but usually deliver a better performance than in theory.

A World Series appearance is very possible but not very likely for the Pirates and it’s thanks to the other World Series contenders playing beside them in the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. Getting to the postseason may already be a tall task and even if they get in, advancing past the wild card stage has already proven difficult. Still, the Pirates have all the tools to win it all. It’s just a matter of rising to the occasion.