Milwaukee Bucks fans know that expectations surrounding the team each year are never too high as this team just hasn’t been able to find sustained success since the turn of the century. Since the Bucks made it to the Conference Finals in the 2000-01 season, they’ve had six more trips to the playoffs and never made it out of the first round. Even looking at their regular season records, it’s not often that they have been any better than a .500 team in this league and frequently finish much worse. [+]

As rough as that is for fans, bettors take some comfort in understanding Milwaukee’s limits in projecting them to be a .500 team each year. Milwaukee Bucks lines reflect that prognostication and bettors have to know when to go hard on the Bucks and when to lay off.

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A .500 team will bring lots of variation in moneyline odds depending on who their next opponent will be. You can see those moneyline prices for the Milwaukee Bucks next game below.

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Tracking how the Bucks are doing before placing a wager is critical to any handicapper’s success with this team. Track the Milwaukee Bucks scores and results in their full schedule here.

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A .500 team year in and year out typically means that the Bucks standings positioning will be in the #6-#11 range in the Eastern Conference. Check below to see if that is the case again this year.


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After so many years of futility finishing in the #7-10 spot in the Eastern Conference, the Bucks knew they had to make a philosophical change to their organization. It’s no secret in the NBA that while teams in those 7-10 spots fight for (and even make) the playoffs, it’s arguably the worst place to finish, especially year after year. Those teams – like Milwaukee – aren’t good enough to legitimately contend for a NBA title, and they aren’t bad enough to get a franchise-altering player with a high pick in the upcoming draft. Finishing in this “no mans land” year after year put the Bucks in purgatory and something had to drastically change.

That change happened in the 13-14 season when the Bucks went the “tank mode” route and finished 15-67 to earn themselves a top draft pick. Milwaukee selected Jabari Parker with the 2nd overall pick that year and believe he can develop into that franchise player they’ve desperately been seeking. Parker, along with the “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo, will be the guys to lead Milwaukee out of their yearly .500 seasons with coach Jason Kidd leading the way.

Milwaukee may have been one of the most consistent teams for bettors the past 10+ years with their slew of .500 finishes, but it shouldn’t be long before that changes. Bettors should be able to find plenty of value backing this team at some great odds in the foreseeable future.