Canadians know that the NHL’s Atlantic Division gets a tremendous amount of attention each year because it houses three teams from Canada’s biggest markets. Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal all reside in the Atlantic and aside from a sporadic run or two in the playoffs by Montreal, there hasn’t been much for those markets to cheer about in recent years. Yet, the popularity of those teams never wavers and hockey fans in all of those markets love to get down on the action. Online NHL Atlantic betting lines are some of the most heavily bet games each year in the North, but it’s often the teams from the US in this division (Florida, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Boston) that do the majority of the winning.

NHL Atlantic Betting Lines

Perception and reality are two important concepts to keep in mind when you are handicapping NHL Atlantic betting lines. Sportsbooks know all about the ravenous support those Canadian teams get and bettors often have to pay a premium on those squads. You can check the chart below for current moneyline prices on the next contests involving Atlantic teams.

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NHL Atlantic Standings

Since realignment in 2013-14, this division’s most consistent winner has been the Tampa Bay Lightning. Figure out if that’s the case again this year with the NHL Atlantic standings below.


How To Bet On NHL Atlantic Division

The Lightning have finished second in this division each year since it was formed and they were able to propel that success into a run to the Stanley Cup Final in 2014-15. Bettors backing the Lightning during that time have padded their bankrolls with a regular season record of 142-82-8-14 following the conclusion of the 2015-16 season. That's the definition of consistency in the betting world and waiting for the Lightning's downfall in coming years may prove frivolous.

Another important betting note coming out of this division in recent years is the fact that the teams that know how to protect home ice in this division typically come out on top. Florida, Tampa Bay, and Detroit all finished at least nine games over the .500 mark (not counting OT and shootout losses) at home in the 2015-16 season, so it shouldn't be surprising that they finished 1,2,3 in the division. Home ice advantage plays a big roll in NHL betting and protecting it is a must for any franchise looking to have success.

Finally, we could see a changing of the guard in this division in coming years with Toronto's rebuilding plan in full swing now and the Sabres building around future superstar Jack Eichel. Montreal will always go as far as their All-World goalie Carey Price takes them, and Boston always has a strong mix of youth and experience to win their fair share of games.