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Canada’s multicultural population makes this land a soccer (or football, eh) crazed nation. At the same time, Canada’s online-betting friendly laws mean you can place bets everywhere from our homegrown MLS league, or any the various European leagues, like the English Premier division. People across our land all have different roots in nations from across the globe, and families have deep-seeded allegiances to their favorite team, squad or club. The colours and jerseys are seen walking proudly up and down our streets. [+]

The MLS offers Canadians a chance to bet on our nation’s teams, with the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC. However, they can also stay up to all hours of the night or early morning watching action from pitches everywhere from England to Brazil.

Soccer Betting Lines

With so many leagues to choose from, you can take the first step towards big money by getting the best soccer betting lines on the entire web. Bookmark our site, and check in daily for the latest!

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Soccer Betting Sites

Here’s our list of Canada’s best Soccer Betting Sites, based on a number of factors, including their bonus or introductory offers for Canadian betters. 

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    With so many hardcore soccer fans across Canada, it can be hard to know who to trust and who you should turn to for betting advice. Everyone has their own gut feelings, or theories of what will happen. The truth is that with so many different teams and styles of play in leagues across the world, there is no “magic bullet” strategy that is guaranteed to win you big money.

    There are countless websites and YouTube videos on the web, all claiming they have the answer to making money “every time.” But they are all just varying degrees of educated guesses.

    There is no substitute for doing your research and looking at all the numbers, including our soccer betting lines above, clearly. 

    But there are a few things you can always bank on. Trends and streaks will always have value, but keep in mind soccer’s low scoring games mean all that can be thrown out in a heartbeat.

    This means, yes, there is big-win potential for single game upsets, but the most successful soccer betters in Canada owe their success to using a long-term strategy of picking their spots for, and against, the line.