No North American sport offers more opportunity to place bets than major league baseball. Each of its 30 teams will play an astounding 162 game regular season, which is nearly as many games as any given NBA basketball and NHL hockey team combined. Basically, that means the Toronto Blue Jays will play almost as many games as The Maple Leafs and The Raptors combined in standard regular season play. And that’s just the regular season. [+]

Any given team will play as many as 30 or so Spring Training or exhibition games. At the same time, a team that goes to the World Series may play up to 19 more games. If you know any Yankees or Red Sox fans, chances are you realize how big and dramatic MLB Baseball can get. The sport of walk-off homers, missed catches, Mr. October’s and “goats” revolves around two teams, 9 innings and one guy trying to bring home the runners with one crack of the bat. Fortune can change with every pitch, so it’s little wonder then that online sportsbook betting is the perfect complement to MLB Baseball.

Wagering options for MLB baseball are too many to list. Every day presents numerous games and numerous matchups, so baseball bettors love to ride the parlays and point buying strategies. Backing a hot team can pay off, but so can figuring out who will end a hot streak. With so many factors, MLB baseball betting is fun and stressful at the same time, but more than anything, it can make sports bettors a lot of money.

MLB Betting Lines

Bookmark this site to get your daily online betting odds on MLB. As you can see, any given day can give you a dozen or so games to choose from, because of such a long and deep regular season. Odds will update automatically to factor in things like team streaks, starting pitchers and injuries.

Results / Fixtures

MLB Standings

It’s a long season and the standings across Major League Baseball can change nightly. Bettors can keep up to date with all the divisional and wild card races right here.


How To Bet On MLB

If you’ve never wagered on baseball online before, you may find yourself quickly falling in love. Every summer and fall night gives you a new opportunity to choose from a ton of games. Baseball games are low scoring, compared to NBA or NHL games. So there is definitely an element of high drama added to every hit, run or out. Many of the games are decided in the 9th inning, particularly come playoff and World Series time.

When betting on baseball, keep in mind that home field advantage is not nearly as valuable as you may think. In any given year, the home team in baseball will win about 56% of their games. Compare this to the NBA, where the home team wins upwards of 60% of their games, and even higher in the playoffs.

Your best place to start is the pitching match-up. This carries the most weight in determining the line for the game. Take a look at both team’s starting pitcher, their stats, and their current streak. Remember, each team’s “Ace” pitcher is more than capable of winning on the road at any time. 

Over the course of a 162 game season the cream will usually rise to the top, but there are always isolated scenarios that can change certain odds from day to day. Whether it’s a matchup between divisional rivals, a dominant pitcher whose performances have outshone the rest of his last place club, or a dominant slugger who finds himself in a slump at the plate are all factors to think about when making your wagering research. 

Sportsbooks will usually use money lines when providing odds the betting MLB fan. For example if the Boston Red Sox are favourites against the Oakland Athletics, the Sox will have a negative line and the A’s will have a positive one. If Boston is at -175 and Oakland is at +175, you would have to put $175 down on the Red Sox to win $100 and $100 on the A’s to win $175. It’s all a case of higher the risk, higher the reward. 

Major League Baseball is a game of statistics as much as a game of wins and loses with a plethora of numbers and percentages to explain every game situation. These averages and totals help provide a variety of prop bets for those bettors who look for more than just the final result. What inning will the starting pitcher will be pulled, will somebody will steal a base or will someone will hit for the cycle are just some of the opportunities to get in on the action during  the MLB Season.